The Wonderful World of Diabetes!

by Kamryn Fisher and Jaden Karpoff

Welcome to Diabetes!

Congratulations! You have officially been accepted into The Wonderful World of Diabetes! There are two types of ways to enter this world, but you have been inducted with type 1: your immune system has attacked and destroyed your pancreas's beta cells, meaning you can no longer produce the hormone insulin, leading to your cells being unable to take in sugars. Join us as we discuss your new life as a happy diabetic!

Your New Life!

A Whole New Diet

Now that you have entered The Wonderful World of Diabetes, you are encouraged to make a few changes to your diet in order to keep healthy. You need to count out the carbohydrates you eat at every meal because, as you may remember, your pancreas can no longer make insulin to allow sugars into your cells. You must take insulin injections to intake the sugars you require, but the dosing is precise and depends on how many carbs you have eaten, so you must know in order to ensure proper function. Other than that, however, you should eat plenty of fish, other proteins, fruits, non-starchy vegetables, and non-fat dairy products. Follow these steps, and you should be able to live a healthy and productive life!

Watching Your Sugary Blood

As your cells no longer have any insulin to help them absorb glucose, the unabsorbed sugar just floats around your bloodstream until insulin is injected from an external source. This means you must monitor and adjust your blood sugar level or else suffer THE CONSEQUENCES. In order to keep track of the status of your blood sugar, the following tools will come very much in handy: a diary to keep track of the foods you eat and their carbs, a log to keep track of your blood glucose levels over time, glucose test strips, and a lancing device to prick your finger. When you prick your finger and smear the blood onto the glucose test strip, the color of the strip will indicate how high or low your blood sugar levels are. If your blood sugar is too high, you can lower it by exercising or taking insulin. If your blood sugar is too low, you can raise it by consuming small amounts (15-20 grams) of simple carbohydrates. If you stick to this system, you should have very few problems dealing with your sweet sugary blood.

The Motion Commotion

In order to keep blood sugar low and stay healthy in The Wonderful World of Diabetes, exercise is required. You must be sure to exercise properly, and at the right times, however, or else you will once again suffer THE CONSEQUENCES. You must be sure that you do not exercise too much, or else your blood glucose level will drop to unhealthy levels. However, if done right, exercise allows you to keep you from getting high blood sugar and the numerous problems that occur alongside it. Just be sure to monitor how hard and long you exercise by keeping a journal record.

Brand New Friends

As you are now a part of The Wonderful World of Diabetes, you are allowed access to many professionals to aid you with the new circumstances. Podiatrists can help you with new problems that may arise in your feet, as the increased levels of glucose in the blood damage nerve endings. Poor blood circulation and joint stiffness brought on by diabetes can also be fixed by a podiatrist. An Opthalmologist will also be essential if you are to avoid the complications of retinopathy within your eyes. This, if left unchecked, will eventually result in the blinding of those afflicted. Finally, a Psychologist or Psychiatrist will be essential to solve the numerous mental problems you may acquire. We can assure you that this article is quite real, as hallucinations are not the kind of mental problems we are referring to. Depression, stress, and mood-swings, however, are certainly a reality. With all your new friends in hand, you should be ready to handle any of the challenges The Wonderful World of Diabetes has to throw at you.

Have Fun!

Now that you have been prepared for all that is to come, you can have as much fun as possible as a member of The Wonderful World of Diabetes!