The Blue Whale

The gentle giants of the sea

The largest mammal on Earth

The Blue Whale, Balaenoptera musculus or can be found in the North Atlantic, North and South Pacific, and the Indian ocean. Their diet similar to other baleen whales consists mainly of small crustaceans, such as krill. The discovery date of the Blue Whale is disputed, but it was given its binomial nomenclature in 1758. As previously stated the Blue Whale is undoubtedly the largest mammal on earth. Weighing in at 180 tonnes, with a length of 30 meters. Its tongue alone weighs as much as an elephant, and its heart is as heavy as an automobile!

Mating Rituals

The Blue Whale can be a found alone, or in pods from 2 to 4. When trying to find a mate the Blue Whale travels to a sort of breeding ground during the late fall and early winter. The breeding ground is located off the shores of western Mexico, and eastern Asia . On the way to the breeding ground the whale may meet up with another whale. Most often this whale is female. The two whales start to travel together sort of getting to know each other. On this journey other whales may approach and challenge the male for the female's affection. These challenges usually consist of racing, fin slapping, or just charging the coupled mate. When the Whales reach these grounds the males start to sing. These song are low in pitch, and almost inaudible to the human ear. When a male and female find each other they start to dance. Sadly this has never been fully researched.

Over fishing

Save the Blue Whales!

Ways to save them

Some ways that you can help, is that you can donate to conservation societies. When throwing away 6 ring plastic, cut it up. Most importantly tell others about these majestic creatures, and the importance it is to save them. I mean come on! If they were to die out we would have to start saying the world's largest animal is the North Pacific Right Whale. Who wants to say that mouthful of a name anyways?


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