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An Electrical inspection

An electrical inspection must be completed when selling an apartment or house in Belgium. One of the most important kinds of inspections that must be done when selling any property is an electrical inspection.

An Electrical inspection must be done for a variety of reasons when selling a home. First, an electrical inspection is done for the protection of the seller as well as the person that is purchasing the property. Over a period of years electrical wiring within the home begins to malfunction and many problems can occur as a result.

An electrical inspection will able to determine if any of the wiring throughout the home needs to be upgraded or replaced altogether. An electrical inspection can prevent serious problems from occurring. A serious problem such as an electrical short or even fire can easily be avoided by completing an electrical inspection.

A complete electrical inspection can determine if any circuit breakers, light switches or electrical outlets need to be replaced. In addition, an electrical inspection may determine if something as simple as a fuse box needs to be upgraded.

During an electrical inspection the inspector has special tools which are able to test the wiring for safety and accuracy. Fuse boxes contain switches and wires that control nearly every light and electrical outlet within the entire home. An electrical inspection will determine if the fuse box, switches and electric currents are functioning in a satisfactory manner.

If an electrical inspection determines that a fuse box switches need replacement or that the wires need to be upgraded the inspector will tag the fuse box “unsatisfactory” and the box will have to be repaired and or replaced.

Voltage regulators and electrical meters are frequently used during an electrical inspection. These instruments make it easier for the inspector to identify problem areas during the electrical inspection. Problem areas within the home will be contained within the electrical inspection report. Normally the current owner must fix any identifiable electrical problems within the home prior to final sale.

Part of the electrical inspection includes the testing of the main circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are main switches which control electricity to major appliances within the home including the washer, dryer, oven and dishwasher. An electrical inspection will include the examination of all appliances as well as the electrical connections.

Circuit breakers play a critical role in home safety. Overloaded circuits or faulty wiring can cause a serious problem with circuit breakers. An intense electrical inspection will most certainly identify problems with circuit breakers.

An electrical inspection will disclose weather or not the home meets all standards of safety. If a electrical inspection reveals no problem areas then the homeowner has nothing to worry about. However, if the electrical inspection identifies problem areas this can produce a dilemma for the homeowner until the problems are fixed.

Once the electrical inspection is completed a detailed report of the property is made. Once the electrical inspection report is complete the homeowner receives a copy.

If changes or upgrades are required the electrical inspection report will list each problem with a detailed explanation. In addition, the homeowner will normally be given a period of about two weeks to correct any problems listed within the electrical inspection report.

An Electrical inspection not only finds problem areas within the electrical system but they also reveal weather or not the property is up to code according to township and or state rules and code regulations.

An Electrical inspection will determine weather nor not fire code regulations are being met. Violation of fire codes will be explained within the electrical inspection report. Fire code violations are serious business and the violations must be rectified as soon as possible.

An electrical inspection will identify Faulty electrical outlets Faulty outlets may be considered a fire code violation. In addition, an overloaded circuit breaker may also be identified as a fire code violation.

Selling or purchasing real estate in Belgium requires an electrical inspection which must meet certain fire code standards. Normally a bank will not secure a mortgage on a home that did not pass the routine electrical inspection.

Failing a routine electrical inspection can actually place a home at risk. Therefore, until all problems related to the electrical inspection are repaired the home can not be transferred to a new owner.

The electrical inspection report is normally handed to the homeowner upon completion of the inspection. An electrical inspection of this nature can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or more. The length of the electrical inspection will depend on the size of the home, apartment or condo.

There are a variety of benefits that can be gained by having an electrical inspection. For example, the electrical inspection report will tell the homeowner exactly what must be done to correct the current problem.

An Electrical inspection is normally not very expensive. Many times an electrical inspector can be found by simple word of mouth. In addition, a Google search can provide a great deal of information on an electrical inspecton within a specific area.

Following an electrical inspection it may be a wise decision to employ an experienced electrician to fix and or replace faulty wiring. An electrical inspection may be helpful prior to Replacing wires, electrical outlets, circuit breakers and fuse boxes. Electrical work can end up being costly. However, no matter how costly the job may be it is something that must be done.

A 220 electrical line is a special hook up that is required for appliances such as ovens and electric dryers. Any appliances operating within the home without the installation of a 220 line is a clear violation of fire safety codes. In addition, operating appliances of this nature without the proper electrical line can easily cause a short or even worse a fire. An electrical inspection will identify any 220 electrical line violations.

In some situations if the electrical inspection revealed faulty wiring throughout the home this can become a large and time consuming job for an electrical contractor. Faulty wiring within a home may require cutting through certain areas of the wall and ceiling to remove and replace existing wires.

Recently new fire code requirements have been added when an electrical inspection takes place. The new fire code states that any and all kitchen receptacles must have ground circuit interrupters to prevent short circuiting. Therefore, ground fault circuit interrupters within the kitchen area must be upgraded in order to pass an electrical inspection.

The electrical inspection will reveal if ground fault circuit interrupters need to be installed. The electrical inspection report may suggest upgrades be done within the kitchen area.

The National Fire Protection Association is constantly upgrading the guidelines set forth for fire protection and safety within the home. An electrical inspection is based on guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Association.

Recent electrical inspection revealed that many modern homes have light dimmers installed. Light dimmers are designed to save electricity thus lowering your monthly electric bills. Light dimmers also need to be inspected to make sure they are in proper working order.

Modern homes also have track, accent lighting, wireless light controls and recessed lighting. Accent lighting, wireless controls and recessed lighting are designed to provide more safety in comparison to traditional lighting methods used within the home. However, the modern lighting alternatives also need inspection to insure safety and accuracy. An electrical inspection can make sure that recently installed lighting is up to standards.

Even if a property is not being sold or transferred to a new owner it may be a good ides to have a routine electrical inspection done within the home. A home could have code violations and the homeowner may have no idea that the violations even exist.

Something as small as an improperly installed exhaust fan can end up being a fire hazard. The only way to determine something of this nature is through an electrical inspection.

A back up generator is supposed to supply electricity when an electrical supply is cut off for whatever reason. A generator that is not properly installed can also be considered a serious fire hazard. The electrical inspection will determine weather or not the generator poses a fire hazard.

An electrical transformer serves an important function. However, a transformer that has faulty wires or needs to be upgraded may pose a serious fire risk. An electrical inspection of a transformer is the best way to determine if in fact a serious problem does exist.

If you need a home electrical inspection done then there are some steps that you need to take as soon as possible. First, contact a licensed inspector within your area, request a complete inspection, examine final report, correct any violations and finally schedule a re-inspection.

Electrical upgrades and replacements actually increase the value of a property. A home or condo that has recently upgraded the electrical system can increase the value of their existing home by at least $15,000. Usually upgrades to an electrical system are only needed after a period of at least 20 years or more.

If electrical upgrades last up to 20 years then the upgrades are well worth every penny of the initial investment. Electrical upgrades can end up saving the homeowner money in the long run.

When circuit breakers are more than 10 years old they begin to drain more electricity which will cost the homeowner more money. An electrical inspection can detect if in fact an aged circuit breaker is draining the electricity source.

Commercial electrical upgrades can be just as important as residential upgrades. An electrical inspection of your business can determine if there are any problem areas that need to be addressed. Businesses need electrical upgrades from time to time in order to keep the environment safe.

If the above steps are followed and an electrical inspection is done your home or apartment should be safe from any electrical malfunctions. Electrical problems should be addressed and taken care of immediately. Electrical problems within the home will not get better and should never be ignored.

Anyone can order an electrical inspection to be done. It is better to be safe then sorry when it comes to your precious home or place of business. An electrical inspection can find problems that the homeowner did not know even existed.