My Smore Flyer


The F-35 is a VTOL stealth jet the F-35 is relatively small jet compared to a usual fighter plane. The F-35 is so it really can’t pack that much of a punch. It is still in the prototype stage but it will be an active USAF aircraft in 2017. The USAF is thinking about making it a recon aircraft. They think it will be a good recon aircraft because it has stealth capabilities. It is fast at getting in and out of an area. The F-35 has a fully internal weapons bay. Due to it’s fully internal weapons bay it can not carry that much weaponry. The F-35 is the descendant of the F-22, a larger fighter aircraft.

USAF Bombers

The USAF uses three bombers that are different and similar in many ways. The first one is the B-1b lancer. The lancer is special because it is the only swivel wing aircraft used in the USAF. If you don’t know what a swivel wing aircraft is, it is an airplane that can move its wings back and forth in air. The B-1b is the USAF fast strike bomber. The reason it has the role of fast strike bomber is because its top speed is mach 1.25=about 950 mph. The second aircraft is the B-2 stealth bomber, the B-2s role is, obviously, stealth bomber. A bomber of this role is supposed to bomb a target and not be seen by radar.

The last bomber is the B-52 strategic bomber the USAF only uses one strategic bomber. The role of a strategic bomber is to fly long distances and bomb a place then fly back. The B-52 had record for the longest active aircraft in the US.

Spy planes

The cold war struck, the US and Russia were in an innovations race. The two rivals were spying on each other. The US used aircraft and the Russians used agents. The planes that were used by USAF were different from the rest planes. The first plane was the RF-4 phantom 11 was a recon plane that was originally a fighter. The second was the U-2 dragon lady. The U-2 had a slender body and wings so it could be silent. There was an incident when a U-2 was shot down by the Russians. The third plane was the SR-71 blackbird (AKA Mr. Untouchable) it was given this nickname because it flew at an altitude of over 100,100 and flew at mach 3.35. Now in the present day we have drones like the predator and the global hawk that fly silently and unmanned.