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Newsletter 6th April 2023

From the Principal

The Maunga Mayhem was an impressive event, organised by a committed group of Maungatapere School parents. The PTA has really excelled co-ordinating the wide range of volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make this event such a huge success. I think Maungatapere School is very fortunate to have this level of support and expertise. What struck me was the strong friendships within this group, and how hard they worked to benefit all children. If you are looking for friendship and community – come join the PTA.

At assembly the following Monday, I asked the children to put up their hands if they did the Manga Mahem, most of the students held up their hands. The support of the community was highly evident with the amount of entries for the day, which combined with the sponsor and raffle income has accounted for a very healthy fundraising total. I look forward working with the PTA and Board of Trustees to prioritise how to best utilise these funds.

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School Awards

Neeha Shibu Rm 5 - Outstanding effort in the pool, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Ryder Davis Rm 4 - Showing leadership, responsibility and initiative in Room 4.

Kyrah Wilson Rm 8 - Contributing to the class culture and being a mindful learner.

Holley Robertson Rm 2 - For her super focus during class reading time.

Loretta Lambly Rm 6 - For stepping up and taking on a leadership role in Room 6.

Jack Avison Rm 9 - For stepping up and being a great monitor when the Year 7/8s were away.

Jackson Fidler Rm 10 - For being a conscientious learner and taking on a leadership role in Room 10.

Reon Kokich Rm 11 - For showing leadership in Room 11.

What's coming up!!

6 April Term 1 Ends

24 April Teacher Only Day

25 April Anzac Day

26 April Term 2 Begins

17 May WPSSA Year 7/8 Winter Sports

25 May School Photos

31 May WPSSA Year 5/6 Winter Sports

Maunga Mayhem - A massive Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors!

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Hello everyone,

Our Maunga Mayhem Obstacle Adventure Race held on the 25 th March was a huge success. We had 520 participants over the 3 races, along with approximately two hundred and fifty spectators. We love having a fundraising event that involves the whole family, in a positive, fun physical activity, creating life time memories for all involved. Check out the photos on the Maunga Mayhem Facebook page or in the gallery on our website There are some impressive action shots.

Events like these do take a community to make it happen. A heartfelt thank you to every person that contributed to Maunga Mayhem. No action has gone unnoticed; however, I will give special mention to a small group who without their input, the event would not have been possible.

Thank you to;

Elvan and Loren Duffy for hosting our fundraiser on their farm; The Mangakahia Lions for being our parking wardens; the Cottons and the Shortlands for the use of their paddocks for parking.

Thanks also to our Maunga Mayhem organising committee; Loren Duffy, Alice Chapman, Kim Brown and Hayley Taylor. A massive amount of time was poured into gaining sponsorship, Health and Safety, and all the logistics of running the event, so thank you ladies and their families for their awesome contribution.

Thank you for all the work our PTA members contributed, in their various areas of expertise. Our wonderful parents and teachers who helped; the registration team, with promotion, obstacle building, course preparation, photography, goodie bags, with pack-down and a huge thank you to our awesome team of Marshalls. We appreciate the time you all invested. Give yourselves a big pat on the back!

Our total profit was $31, 139.00 achieved by; Sponsorship $10,000, Ticket sales $15,225.84, Auction $2,030.00, Merchandise and Raffle $5,140.00. We also had $6909.00 in donated goods, products and services.

The Maunga Mayhem organising committee is “retiring” this year. The PTA will be looking at options for the major fundraiser next year. We have shown that when we all work together and share our skills and expertise, we are able to achieve outstanding results. Whatever the fundraiser may be, we encourage our community to come out in force like it has this year. Not only to achieve a successful outcome financially but to bring our community together and to help create experiences that our kids will never forget.

Our generous sponsors are listed on the back of this page. Please support those that support us, keep the list handy, use these businesses and thank them for their sponsorship of Maunga Mayhem when you do. It would be great to have them support us again in the future.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Kind regards from

Maungatapere School PTA

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Northland Primary Schools Swimming - Dargaville 31 March

This year we had a great team of kids qualify for the Northland Primary Schools Swimming event which was held last Friday at the Dargaville Pool.

Millie Taylor, Lexie Jameson, Lara Bradford, Liam Robson, Ella Watts, Mason Chapman, Josh Smith, Carter Andrews, Tamsyn Booth, Jake Morine, Freddie Chapman and Xanthe Wiseman all did extremely well and made us very proud of them.

Ella, Josh, Lara, Mason, Liam, Carter, Jake, Freddie and Millie all placed in at least one event each. An outstanding effort!

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Rooms 1, 2 & 3 Sailing

I went sailing. I was a little bit scared in the Optis! The best bit was swimming at the end. I loved the kayaks! I had the best time of my life! It was so much fun that I nearly cried. I was in the Optis with Lucy. We nearly capsized! Our boat got water in it. That was the best time ever.

Jordyn Rm1

School Council 2023

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Our school council for 2023 has been appointed and they are already making plans for events during the year. The first of their activities are Wheels days. Seniors (Yr 5 - 8) is on Wednesday 3rd May and Juniors (Yr 1 - 4) will be Friday 5th May.

Council members are:

Captain: Arabella Chapman

Vice Captain: Eden Watson-Meyer

Secretary: Isla Wright (vice Annelise McDonald)

Reporters/Sergeants: Freddie Chapman, Kayden Brown, Milla Workman, Violet Fraser, Cater Andrews, Kassidy Taylor

Kidz Board: Jackson Hanger, Isla Wright, Chloe Cliff, Connor Boylan, Zaara Carydias

Councillors: Rm 1 Ryker Coleman, Rm2 Connor Boylan, Rm 3 Jackson Hanger, Rm 9 Violet Fraser/Kayden Brown, Rm 13 Carter Andrews/Freddie Chapman, Rm 14 Milla Workman/Kassidy Taylor, Rm 6 Zaara Carydias/Arabella Chapman, Rm 7 Eden Watson-Mayer/Annelise McDonald, Rm 8 Isla Wright/Chloe Cliff

Year 7 & 8 EOTC Week

In Week seven the Year 7 & 8’s participated in EOTC week, this was an awesome event and opened many of us up to new experiences.

To go to the Poor Knights was an amazing experience and all of the Year 7 & 8’s. Some of us were lucky enough to have good weather, some were less fortunate. When we were there we all saw some amazing things like stingrays, moray eels, seals, and so many different species of fish.

The whole Year 7 & 8 ropu had a chance to learn how to sail! For most groups it was windy and the sails were blowing but for Group 3 the wind was absent. We got to go on the Opties (small boats), kayaks and the Quest (a four person boat). It was a fun day that everyone enjoyed.

When going to the Adventure Forest once instructors arrived we were given a safety briefing and then fitted with harnesses and helmets. We then practised using our green hook, carabiner, and zipline hook. Once we were done completing the practice courses we were free to go on whatever course we wanted as long as we could reach it. There were many different courses from vertigo ( longest zipline) to canopy (highest) to challenge (hardest), but something that was really cool to see was that everyone gave it a go. Even some of those terrified parents put themselves out there and managed to complete at least one course.

Rock up was a very exhilarating experience that included many activities like rock climbing, archery, log jousting, a ski board challenge and much more. This brought all three groups together for the final day of EOTC Week. We started off the day with team building exercises and had to keep our team's little red balloon buddy safe. Our little buddies had to survive the day for us to win a hundred points. Throughout the day teams could earn points to win a big box of mouth watering sweets, chocolate, drinks and so much more. The competition was very challenging. If you got caught doing something wrong you got push ups, even if you talked when you were not meant to, you got push ups! There were a lot of push ups that day…

We had an amazing time and we would like to thank the employees at Adventure Forest, Dive Tutukaka and the Parua Bay Yacht Club. A special thanks to all the parents that took time off work to support us in all of these activities and the teachers who organised the whole week for all of us.

Chloe Cliff, Loretta Lambly and Annelise

Anzac Service

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ANZAC Service 25th April

Mike Eagles has kindly volunteered to organise Maungatapere student representatives to attend a local ANZAC service. The service will be held at the Maungatapere Community Hall at 9am on Tuesday 25th of April. This service is open to community to attend. A cup of tea will follow the service. Please bring a plate to share if you wish to join in.

Car park / Transport Lines – Change back

Recently we have had a few errors in our end of day transport line organisation, which put a few parents in the horrible position of not knowing where their child was. This involved a number of system glitches, that contributed to some confusion. We have discussed this at a staff meeting to improve the system. The car line has become very hectic and is not fit for purpose. This was previously changed due to Covid restrictions. We will return to the much safer and orderly system, where all children line up on the bottom courts in front R1 to R3, to be checked off before moving to either the car pickup, bus bay or ASC.

These changes will take effect at the beginning of Term 2. The impact will be mainly on parents picking up students from the carpark. Mrs Bennett and Mr Brock will be on duty at the carpark gate. All children MUST be checked off the list at the courts before moving to SIT at the gate with the gate teachers.

Parents are welcome to park and come to the car lines to fast track getting their child ticked off, if you require a quick getaway. To take the pressure off a busy carpark, parents can choose to put their child(ren) on the walkers list and pick them up at Corsair Drive.

Parent/Caregivers can help us out by updating us on any changes to pick up arrangements, so that our transport boards are accurate.

Parent / teacher contact processes

Communication is the key to success. If you have concerns or queries regarding your child, please make contact in the first instance with the class teacher. Urgent contact should be made through the office, so that messages can be passed on. Less urgent contact can be made by emailing your class teacher to arrange for a phone conversation or meeting. Sometimes a phone conversation helps eliminate email messages being misinterpreted.

At the end of a day a teacher has a whole class of student interactions, conversations, successes, challenges and next steps in learning to process. It is important they are able to go home and connect with their own families and switch off in the evening. This is where emails allow teachers to manage their work/life balance and respond in a timely manner.

Jibbitz on Crocs

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As of Term 2 we ask students to leave their Jibbitz at home. Children can save them for the

weekend. What is a Jibbit. The answer, is they are the charms or accessories that help you

customize your Crocs!

The trading, arguments, competitiveness, trendiness, and pressure to have them has caused many issues for children and teachers throughout this term. We want students to be focused on learning.

The teachers were very supportive of this decision.

Teacher Only Day

On Monday the 24 th of April we have a teacher only day organised with some local schools. The focus is on mathematics with Rob Profitt-White and Learner First.

A number of schools within the Whangarei area have spoken very highly of the quality of learning provided last year. As maths is a focus within our Community of Schools and within our strategic plan, this is a great opportunity to sources quality professional development.

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