Clyde's Corner

Mrs. Clyde - Issue No.11

Class News

The K-2 Gingerbread Extravaganza is coming soon! Unfortunately many classes are not getting in the donations that we really need in order to make this happen. If we do not get in all of the donations we will sadly have to cancel this fun tradition. Our class is responsible for frosting and candy. Other classrooms are bringing in graham crackers, pretzels, marshmallows, small paper plates, and of course more candy and frosting. If you have anything you would like to send in to help us get our supplies we would really appreciate it. THANKS!

Reading & Writing

We are reading different versions of the Gingerbread Man story and comparing the beginning, middle, and end of the different versions. This week kids will begin creating their own Gingerbread Man stories. They will choose their main character and setting. Then they will decide who will chase their Gingerbread character and what will happen at the end. It's a fun way to work on comparing and contrasting stories and characters as well as learning to write stories with a beginning, middle, and end. Kids are also working on reading fluency with a Gingerbread Man reader's theater (play). Kids are learning to use their voice to read with expression. They will perform for each other next week.

Nature Vision

Thanks to Nature Vision for coming to Ridgecrest and teaching 1st and 2nd graders about Healthy Water, Healthy Soil. It was a great hands-on learning opportunity that supports our science standards.

Social Skills

This week our Social Skill lesson will be focusing on LISTENING! Things to discuss at home about listening are:

-Why is listening important in school? (How does it help you?)
-What does listening look like?
- When is it hard for you or others to listen?
- What can you do to help you or someone else when it is hard?
- What things can you do to practice listening?

I am sure you would love to have your kids be better at listening at home too. We talk a lot about what listening looks like and sounds like at school. Ask your kids what listening at home would look like and sound like? Practice by playing some games together that require listening to one another.
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Gingerbread House Building - Friday, Dec. 18th

Let me know if you are available to help with prep work on Dec. 17th and/or on the 18th from 8:00 to 11:00.

Book Order - Books Make Great Gifts!

Scholastic Book Club is a great way to find good fit books for your child to read. There are a lot of choices and it is really easy to order online. For every order, our classroom also gets free books for your kids to read at school.
Shop Online:
One-Time Class Activation Code: HG2LM

Dates To Remember:

Food Drives Continues This Week!

Friday, Dec. 18th - K-2 Gingerbread House Building -- Volunteers Needed

Please send in 1 can of frosting and 1 bag of unwrapped candy by Friday, Dec. 11th.

A quick reminder to check your child's binder everyday and don't forget to sign that reading log. A new one will be sent home every Monday! THANKS!