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Let's get you started...

There's A LOT of information to absorb and we certainly don't want to overwhelm you, so if this gets overwhelming, just save this link and come back to this when you're looking for some help.

As mentors, there are many questions we get on a daily and weekly basis from new consultants. They are to be expected because it's hard to know where to go for everything or how to get through some of the processes we have in place.

The information gathered here is some of the most asked questions we get. If you think something else should be added here, please let me know. This newsletter shouldn't replace the research you do in Behind the Counter because reading everything that is posted under Tools is VERY helpful. So, take it day by day, but get acquainted with what we have there so far.

This is a new company, so please remember that our systems are not amazing right now. Everyone is fully aware of this and the home office is more aware than anyone. They care deeply about easing the processes and making Behind the Counter wonderful, but with that takes money, manpower and time...all things we hope to get more of this year!!

SO...here's some helpful tips and tricks to get you started...
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Your Leadership Team...

You are all on Team Truth & Transparency. Our Managing Director, Laura Stenovec, is a direct report to the Home Office so we are all considered her team. In your mentorship line to Laura, starting from Laura down, goes Jen Schultz (Managing Director/Founding Member), Britta Ferrell (Executive Director/Founding Member), Leah Huxtable (Executive Director/Founding Member) and me, Michelle Skinner (Executive Director/Founding Member). You have a very strong, and I think, fabulous leadership team, all of us coming from another Direct Sales background together. :)

Consultant Calls and Recordings

Headquarter calls: Please reference the Home Office Newsletter that is sent out weekly for updated call schedules.

Team calls: Laura Stenovec sends out an email titled "Beautycounter Team Memo". On that email you will see what our team is doing for the week and what calls we'll be doing as a team, purely optional, but will always be helpful. She has her own personal website that we can become a member of. After you become a member, you get a lot of team information...team calls, graphics, pdf's, all done in one easy place. I use this site often now for my business.

Behind the Counter (BTC): Go under "Calls" to listen to all the Home Office's previously recorded calls. Super helpful as your cooking dinner or getting other things done! You will also find a ton of helpful videos too!!

Online Resources

Besides BTC, here are a couple of other resources for you:

-This is our team's website that is managed by Laura Stenovec.
-Find videos/calls/pdf's/face kit etc. info here.

Our team is all over the country, but there are a couple FB pages everyone can join:
Business Tips BC Team Truth & Transparency
-This one is there to ask questions, get advice, see what others are saying. This is a positive environmnet, if you have any complaints, please contact an upline mentor to get any issues resolved.

Kudos and Welcome Announcements
-Welcomes and Kudos are wonderful, but that's all this page is for. So, if you don't want to bog down your Facebook notifications, don't feel like you have to join this page. It's not going to do anything for your business, it's just meant for fun.

Minnesota Beautycounter Consultants
-If you live in Minnesota, we use this page primarily to announce Minnesota meetings or things that pertain to our area. If you want to join, please feel free, but once again, don't want to bog down your notifications.
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It's time to launch! Here are some things to consider:


2) Create your 100 person list and categorize them:
-who would be on your "dream team"
-who's a product junkie/ into health & wellness/ great connector
-speak their language when contacting them
(and remember, if you don't hear anything right away...that's normal. It takes personal 1:1 connections to truly move your business forward. My mentor called me multiple times over four months before I signed up, but I was always thinking about it.)

3) Get in front of people!
-try to make 30 connections a month through socials/face kits/1:1's
-be strategic about who you talk to and what you want the result to be
-do something everyday to move your business forward!
-try to get most of your activity done in the beginning of each month so you always
feel good about your business as the end of the month approaches

-have casual get togethers with girlfriends in their homes to share what you know and
introduce it to others
-use socials to expand your network by booking socials with people you don't know
-when you can, put product on people...like Glow, Tint Skin (any cosmetics) and

-this is a personalized kit with any product that your client would like to try for a couple
-ask them questions about what they're interested in trying and what type of regime
they'd like to start
-include a look book, opportunity brochure, order form, business card, and anything
else you think would be helpful
-before you pick up the kit, ask them if they know someone who would like to try it out
too. Offer them an incentive for passing the kit onto someone they know

6) 1:1's
-just like a social but sitting down with just one person instead
-more personalized and usually yields good orders since time is taken to make sure
they're getting exactly what they want

7) FB Socials
- this is creating an event on FB and having a script to copy and paste in order to do a quick, streamlined social from the comfort of everyone's home. Ask for the script to personalize and make it your own if you don't already have it! This is a great tool for those who don't have a lot of time or who want to get things done when traveling!
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* There's a lot of learning that has to be done, so remember that mistakes are okay, and we're all here to help you navigate your way to a thriving business.

*Orders in BTC vs. your WEBSITE:
-place all your orders on your personal website. Orders can go under any social. I
always have a social open for random orders that I get, or I place them under a hostess
that is trying to earn half price items. Items ship as soon as the order is placed.
-place orders with a "split payment" in BTC. Remember that the order will not ship until
the social you place it under is closed. You may have to open and close a social just for
that order. (I haven't done this yet, but assuming this would be an easy way to get it
to ship immediately)

*Your own social:
-Open up your own social for the random orders that come in. Once your order subtotal
hits $500 and 4 orders have been placed, you earn your 3 half priced items and sample
Lustro Oil. Then open up another social. After you enter another $500 in orders under a
new social, you will get you another 3 products at half price and a sample size of a Lustro

*Register every customer into the system. This puts their information into your contacts
folder. I use the password "beautycounterxxxx", the x's are the last four digits of their
phone number. Let your client know that they can go in and reset their password, but you'll want to know that password if you create an order for them. This helps me place orders for my clients, do follow ups, and check on product credits etc.

*Support tickets:
If you ever need help with an order in the system, or with something that your upline cannot help you with, please submit a support ticket under "Support" in BTC. Things to make sure you include:
-Your information (name, email, phone number, consultant id)
-Order information (order number, what social is it under etc..)
-What is the problem
-What do you want? What are you looking for? What do you want the resolution to be?
Be COMPLETELY SPECIFIC in this first ticket so they can help you in the most efficient way possible.

-branding is very important to Beautycounter. Please use only Home Office approved
signage, invites, pdf's, email signature etc. You shouldn't create anything on your own to advertise your business. Access the Print Shop-Editable Tools in BTC to add your information to things that have already been created, or email printshop@beautycounter.com to have something made for you. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the turnaround.

And Beautycounter is always spelled just like that. ;)
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Compensation Plan

This is a topic that can be hard to understand given the layers that are available to us when earning our income. But, if you want to hear all the ways you can earn, I recorded a team call trying to make sense of the compensation plan for everyone. Before you listen, please pull up the Career Plan Guide to follow along. Or get the abbreviated version under Tools- Building your Business- Tools- Beautycounter Compensation Plan One-Pager.

Comp Plan Call
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Wrap it up...

If you should ever need anything to help further your Beautycounter business, please know that your mentor is there for you. If that person is not available, or you'd like to set up a call with me, please know that I'm here whenever you need me.

Michelle Skinner
michelleskinnerbc@yahoo.com or m_skinner20@yahoo.com
(sometimes I can't reply with the first email, but I can read yours. :)