Technology Class With Mrs.Myers

BY: Madison Larscheid

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Typing Web

* In Typing Web you go more in to depth.

*You will learn how to do numbers, punctuation, and capitalization.

*Typing Web will really help you get better at typing.


*We got to choose out template.

*Your topic could be about anything.

*The trailers had to be made as if there would be an actual movie made.

Haiku Deck

*Using Career Locker, we researched our dream job then made a haiku deck about it.

*We had to have 10 slides or more.

*Haiku Deck helps make really cool projects other sites can't.

Explain Everything

*Using Explain Everything we solved a math project Mrs.Myers gave us through Schoology.

*The requirement was text saying the problem, audio explaining what you were doing, and your work.

*Explain Everything helps a lot when making presentations.

Career Locker

*On Career Locker we researched our dream jobs.

*Career Locker helps you find helpful resources when researching careers.

*You will also be able to have fun with the games.


*There were multiple stages each of a different difficulty.

*You will be able to make drawings homes and plenty more.

* can easily help you in the future.

Email Edict

*Email Edict is a short unit.

*You will learn the proper way to write an email.

*Further more, you also get to do example scenarios.

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