The Elite

Author: Kiera Cass Presentation by: Jenna Jorns


America is still in the Competition and it is now called, The Elite. But now she notices that the competition is tighter and that the fight is getting harder.

Point of View:First Person

Example: The next day flew by, and suddenly Kriss and I were arriving at the other girls' reception in conservative gray dresses

(It is saying "I" as in America. It has her actions while saying the other girls names and only knowing her thoughts in the story.)


"Lady America ," the one in charge said, "are you injured at all?"

I shook my head. "Just some scratches on my legs."

"Did they try to hurt you?"

"No. They never caught up to me."

He looked a bit shocked. "None of the other girls could outrun them, I don't think."

I smiled, finally at ease. "None of the other girls is a five."

(Its showing that she has lived differently than the other girls. While they are all getting everything to them all the time in life, America is out trying to do the stuff by herself. She was the only one out of all the girls who would have actually run away to save themselves.)