ch 8 dietary guidelines

for class

what do dietary guidelines do for americans? risk is the likelihood of developing health problems such as heart diseas and diabetes

B. a diet is referd to everything you eat and drink

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs?

A. 4 things that determine calorie needs are age,gender,activity level,and whether you are trying to gain or maintain weight

B.nutrient dense foods are vegetables,fruits,lowfat milk etc.

how to maintain healthy weight

A.risk factor is a condition that increases your chances of developing a problem problems related to too much body fat are stroke,and heart attack risk to being under weight is starvation,organ disfunction

D.two suggestions for loosing weight is working out and eating right

suggestions for being physically active everyday

A. 4 ways active living helps you are controlling your weight,strengthening your heart and lungs,increase your endurance and flexibility,and reduces your risk factors for health problems

B. a teen should get an amount of 60 minutes of physical activity 5 to 6 days out of the week


Importance of whole grains ,fruits,vegetable and milk

A. these are helthy because 1.they are nutrient dense foods 2. they help your diet and mantain fit life.

B.ways these foods can benefit you is they give u nutrients and they give u proteins

C.2 ways to provide these in your diet are in the morning for breakfest cereal for example and for dinner make sure u have vegetables.

How to limit fats and cholestoral

A.two types of unhealthy fats are saturated and trans they raise cholesterol can get heart diseas from high fat diets

C.choose foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol

Be choosy about carbohydrates

A. eat foods with natural flavors like apples,grapes,other fruits `,and vegetables

B.foods with added sugars are canned or packaged fruits, junk foods should limit your sugar intake because it leads to health risk

Why reduce sodium and increase potassium

A. sodium benefits the body because it helps glucose absorption and gives u a healthy heart

B.if you take too much you might get heart attack,high blood pressure , and more likely to have a stroke.

C. sodium helps you with your fluids and your blood pressure

Avoid alcohol

A. its bad for teens because it can kill you,its bad for your health, and it weakens your liver at a young age

B.the reason that the dietary guidlines are important is for u too eat right and maintain the strength and health you need to be fit and live a healthy life.