Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

April 3, 2018

Parent Survey about Wellness Education

Dear Parents,

Below is a link to a survey our district would like your input on. It should only take a few minutes to complete. Thank you.

Parent Survey Link: https://bit.ly/2GgG8m0

Order your yearbooks now!!

Below are our top yearbook cover entries:

Front Cover: Brenden Jones

Front Cover runner-up: Izabella Wolpert-Houston

Back Cover: Robert Bliss

Back Cover: Lyra Winter

See attached order form (we will send order forms home this Friday)

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Help your child’s class earn a popcorn party on April 19th. Each class that collects at least 300 Box Tops will get this fun treat. Please give your teacher the Box Tops by April 18th!

April Health news

Here are a few suggestions to stay healthy and be ready for school.

1. Start off strong with a healthy breakfast. A good breakfast provides energy and will help keep you alert and attentive in class. Eat a nutritious lunch. Choose foods from all the food groups. Different food groups supply our bodies with energy to think, move, and grow. Make healthy choices from the daily menus, or pack a healthy lunch from home. Cut back on sugar and salty snacks – they will leave you feeling tired soon after eating them.

2. Drink plenty of water. Water is the best fluid to stay hydrated without the added sugar found in some juice and soft drinks. Water and milk are served at school for breakfast and lunch every day.

3. Don’t forget to wash your hands often. Keep hands away from your face, mouth, and nose where germs can enter your body.

4. Enhance your brain performance. Exercise, play memory games, do puzzles, and eat brain foods like berries, fish, and nuts.

5. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day – at recess and at home. Go for a daily walk with a friend, parent, or your pet. Exercise helps our bodies to be strong, flexible, and resilient.

6. Turn off the TV and video games at least one hour prior to bedtime. Take time to relax, take a bath or shower, brush your teeth, read a book or pack up for the morning and get to bed early!

If you have any need to speak with the school nurse, I am available Tuesdays and Wednesdays 845a-345p. Please stop by or call 907-260-1372. Let’s work together to help our children succeed.

Nurse Claudette

Coming Events


4- Early Release- 2:05pm

9- Quarterly Awards Assembly 2:30

13- Mighty Meatball 5:30-7:30pm

17- PTO Meeting 4pm

20- VACATION DAY - No school

27- Masonic Awards KPBSD- KCHS 6:30

30- Site Council 4pm

30- 5th Grade to Homer (Islands and Oceans Exhibit)


2- Early Release- 2:05pm

3- Kindergarten Visit - 1:30-3:00pm

7-Spring Concert K-6 6:00pm

9-10- 6th Grade to Coastal Studies

11- 5th Grade Wax Museum 1pm

14- Kindergarten Ninilchik Pool (Lynx Tracks)

15- First Grade Ninilchik Pool (Lynx Tracks)

16- Second Grade Ninilchik Pool (Lynx Tracks)

16 - Fifth Grade Cohoe Beach (Lynx Tracks)

16- Sixth Grade to Kenai Float Trip (Lynx Tracks)

16- PTO Meeting 4pm

17- Third Grade Ninilchik Pool (Lynx Tracks)

18- Sixth Grade to Skyview 9am to 1pm

21- Sixth Grade Graduation - End of Year Assembly

23- Last Day of School for Students- Field Day

24- Last Day for Teachers (especially Mrs. Hopkins)

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