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Why Us?

In a mixed economy, people are able to own their own businesses and run them the way they want.

A mixed economy is the combination of a free enterprise, and a command economy.

In a mixed economy, some businesses are owned by the government, and others are privately owned. People who work make money, and people who don´t, well, don´t. How high up you are in your job, depends on how much money you make. People buy the things that they want or need, from anyone selling; so mostly everyone wins in a mixed economy.

The Down Side

People may think mixed economies are all good, but it has its down sides. People believe that since some people have more money than others, they are better off, which is true, but it all depends on others peoples choices for if they turn out rich or poor. Another thing is that mixed economies lean more towards government control than individual freedoms. The government deals with taxes, and does most of the funding's for things, so people think that it is more government controlled.

The Up Side

A free enterprise economy allows the owner to have complete and total control, without the fear of the government stealing from them, besides taxes. People living in this type of ecomony are free to do what they want and make a living their own way. They can buy and sell what they want, in order to meet their needs and not the needs of the whole country.

Don´t You Want to Make Your Own Choices?