April 14 - 18, 2014

Principally Speaking: It's A Calling!

Two qualities characterize teachers who teach well over the course of a lifetime. The first quality is that they understand the true nature of what they do. They understand that what they do is not a job, which is a basic agreement to exchange labor for a wage. They also understand that what they do is not a career, which is a job with advancement opportunities. These teachers understand that what they do is a calling.

The second quality is that they do not find satisfaction in their calling. That is not a typo. Rather, they find satisfaction in the totality of their life experience, and then take that satisfaction to their calling. -- Dr. Adam Saenz

POAT Workshop Short

Professional Development: What Great Teachers Do Differently! AND PRINCIPALS, TOO!

EDMODO QUESTION #6: On a scale of 1-10 how do you think others “see us” as a school? What can we do to be seen more effectively?

JOURNAL QUESTION #6: In what ways is every classroom in America heterogeneous regardless of how similar students may look on the surface?


Please click on the survey below to provide the PBIS committee with the expectations you want the students to follow in the common areas. This survey will be in the weekly newsletter until April 25 to give you ample time to review the current behaviors and make suggestions on what behaviors we would like to change. Your input will help the committe make the PBIS plan for next year.



Tejas LEE and TPRI.

April 21: Progress monitor AR students (since beginning of year)

April 28 - May 9th: End Of Year Benchmark (all students)

April 30: Grades 3-4 Phonics Workshop

May 26: Last Progress monitoring AR students (since beginning of year)

Recess Supervision

It's getting that time of year! As we plan daily activities outside time for our students, let's also plan active supervision. Please ensure ALL areas of the playground are properly monitored and students are socializing and engaging in play appropriately.

Summative Meeting

By now you should have received a summative calendar invite and completed Teacher Report Parts II and III. As you plan for your meeting, please do not forget to upload any information you would like to use as documentation in your Google Docs folder. If you can not access your folder, let Oliver or I know and we will send you another link.

Also, please bring your book study journal responses. Although we will not review them individually, we will be discussing how to use what you learned to determine your areas for independent professional development for the 2014-2015 school year.

Weekly Happenings


Tuesday: Visit Cari Freeland, KISD Wellness Coordinator (Teacher's Lounge during Lunch)

Wednesday: Fundraiser Limo Ride!

Thursday: Second Grade US Mint Trip and Staff Meeting

Friday: Top Rocket Lunch and Mavs Man

Where is Everyone this Week?


Tuesday 15: Weekly Learning Hour (Jackie 10 a.m.); ADMIN Meeting (Jackie 3:30 p.m.)

Wednesday 16: GAM Meeting (Jackie)

Thursday 17: District RTI Coordinator/Counselor Meeting (Oliver and Kristina 8:30 - 10:30)

Friday 18: Title 1 Meeting (Jackie @ Caprock 9:30 a.m.)

Julie will be out on Monday and Friday.

Krista is expected to be out until Thursday.


Kristina Mugg - April 16

Megan Mcginty - April 21

Candace Schoepflin - April 29