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Ms. Fichter's Kindergarten Newsletter

Welcome back Kindergarten!!

Good evening Kindergarten Families,

Your students have settled right back into our daily routines and have had an awesome week together. I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend and I look forward to seeing you all back to school tomorrow morning!

Welcome our new student Gunjwan!

I would love to welcome our 14th student- Gunjwan! She started in our class the first day of the second semester and has been loved by all! The girls in our class were really happy to have such a wonderful, sweet new student join their little crew. if you see Gunjwan, make sure you welcome her to our FSAPS family!

The 100th Day is almost upon us!

The 100th Day of School is a very special day to be in Kindergarten! Don't forget to bring in your poster displaying 100 things on Thursday to start our celebration!

We have been keeping track of how many days of school we have had so far this year. On Thursday, January 22nd (unless we have a snow day or other unscheduled school cancellation) we will celebrate the 100th day of school! This will be a fun-filled day of hands-on activities, outdoor games, and tasty treats. To prepare for this upcoming event, the Kindergarten students have been learning important facts and skills pertaining to 100.

A few poster clarifications:

1. Your poster may be on any material at all (poster board, foam core, paper, wood, etc.)

2. The size is up to you and your child. I've had poster projects as small as a 12x18 construction paper piece and as large as a door!

3. 3-D to me means "not drawn." Even stickers are O.K. I just want it to be something the children can count and apply.

4. Please see below for some photo examples of last year's posters if you want to make sure you're on the right track! It just so happens that the examples are all organized by 10's. 2's and 5's are also an awesome way to organize your poster!

MATERIALS- please bring all materials you sign up for to either Kindergarten room by 4:30 pm Wednesday.

We have already ordered tons of fun goodies for the kids that are all 100th day themed items. We just need your help with a few more things...

VOLUNTEERS- sign-up by Tuesday, January 20th evening for planning purposes!

Ms. P and I are looking for some volunteers to assist with games and activities, and of course, donate materials. Any parent who would like to offer their time can feel free to sign up as a volunteer and we will plan some of our activities accordingly. If you would like to come share in our special day with us, please choose any of the volunteer time slots in the afternoon from 11:45-3:30 pm. We split them up into two time periods to make it a little easier, but feel free to sign-up for both slots if you can!

Click the Sign Up Genius link below if you would like to donate materials or volunteer to be a part of this special day!

Reading Room Reminders

Remember, we visit the Reading Room every Monday and Thursday at 2:35 pm. Your child is allowed to check out TWO books each time we visit as long as the books they have checked out previously have been returned. Your child may return both, one, or none from the previous visit. There is no limit to how long your child keeps their books, but remember, they can't check out more until their others have been returned.

Several students have not checked out new books since the beginning of December! If you forget which books your child has out, send me an e-mail and I will let you know the titles so hopefully they can be found at home and returned. If they are truly lost, just let me know. There will be no charge and I will just wipe that book (or two) off of my check out sheet. Lost books happen to everyone now and then. We are just thankful that our entire library consists of FSAPS family donations so no one will be penalized!!!

Gingerbread Literature Study Conclusion

As you know, we read many versions of the popular story "The Gingerbread Man." You can check out our character graph in class and I'm sure you heard all about our activities from your Kindergartener. We concluded our unit by baking our own gingerbread men FROM SCRATCH in class! Luckily, none of them ran away!

Guest Storyteller's Needed

Our Guest Storyteller Sign-Up has been dominated by 4th grade students! The 4th graders love to come read to our class and have signed up for every slot through the end of January. However, they only can come read during 5th period so please just sign-up next to their names if you want a chance to come read to our class!

Congrats to our AR December Winners!!

Your students are doing a great job with their daily reading at home. You should now be working on filling up the January book log. Now that we are in the second semester of Kindergarten I would love to see your child's log filled up! Keep working hard.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the following Kindergarten students for earning their December AR Reading Goal ....

Darsh, Ayanna, Jade, Saavan, Ayush, Hunter, and Daniel!!!

WAY TO GO!!!!!

These students have earned a Dress Down Day and a frozen treat this Wednesday, January 21st!!

In January, if your child takes at least four AR tests they will receive a special Dress Down Day and Frozen Treat in February for meeting their goal. Good luck and please let me know if you have any issues logging in or need to know your child's password.

I am so proud of our great readers!

The Uniform Policy is being enforced- good job everyone!

Please be reminded that we are now strictly enforcing our uniform policy. Luckily, our class has been doing a fantastic job and no one was out of uniform!

If you have questions, please make sure to review the uniform policy with in the student handbook. Please use this as a reference to make sure that you are sending your child to school in their proper uniform every day. The most important thing to remember now that it is cold outside is that your child is only permitted to wear their FSAPS fleece jacket or sweater in the classroom. Non-uniform jackets will not be allowed unless we are going outside. Please make sure your child has this fleece or a FSAPS sweater in case our classroom is chilly!

Names in Jackets and a Change of Clothes...

Very important...... many of our Kindergarten friends are now wearing their FSAPS fleece jackets and large cold weather jackets to school. Please make sure your child's name is in their jacket! It is very important that your child's uniforms and regular clothes are labeled with their names. We have had two lost jackets in our class this week and they have BOTH been found (Yay!!!) due to the fact that both a first AND last name was in the jacket!

Sometimes messes happen in Kindergarten! We always like to be prepared for this by keeping an extra change of clothes in your child's cubby. Does your child have a change of clothes that is appropriate for the cooler weather headed our way? If not, please make sure to send in a bag (labeled with your child's name) for them to hold in their cubby.

FSAPS Yearbook- the coolest book your child will receive all year!

If you haven't already done so, please take a moment to check out the website we are using to create and purchase our yearbooks.

Everyone should have received an email from Treering.com prompting you to create an account. If you haven't already done so, please take a moment and explore the website. This website will allow you to purchase a yearbook to commemorate your student's year at FSA.

Each yearbook included 2 pages that you can customize with photos and memories just for you and your student!

The following link will take you to a page filled with tutorial videos to help you navigate the website and learn about all the options and features:


Save the Dates! PV stands for "Parent Volunteer Opportunities"

January 22: 100th Day of School (PV)

February 9: Tellus Science Museum Field Trip Grades K-5 (more info to come soon!) (PV)

February 13: Valentine's Celebration and School Dance

February 16: NO SCHOOL - Presidents' Day

March 2: Dr. Seuss Day! (PV)

March 20: James and The Giant Peach - Alliance Theatre Field Trip Grades K-5 (PV)

April 6-11: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

April 22-28: ITBS Testing Days

May 4-15: Spring MAP Testing Days

May 20: Ms. Fichter's Kindergarten Graduation at 6:00pm

May 22: Last Day of School