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How to Buy Top Quality Watch Winders for Your Collection

You have an extensive watch collection and each one's cost range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. As a result you cannot wear all of them at once which prompts the need for an automatic watch winder. Though it is a recent development as a consumer product, not everyone is familiar on how to buy one.

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Here are a few tips on how to choose good watch winders:

Consider Craftsmanship. While these products tend to be "cosmetic" that are good for display on the shelf along with the rest of your timeless timepieces, you should consider durability and longevity when choosing this product. For instance, look for watch winders that are polished with multiple layers of polyurethane coating that makes them minor scratch and heat-resistant. This coating also makes the winders temperature and moisture resistant consequently making them long-lasting. However, not all are coated with multiple layers of polyurethane, as some are only sprayed with a single layer. While the difference may not be apparent at first glance, it becomes noticeable when placed side by side with those coated a number of times.

Choose high quality wood. Materials used are also an important consideration. Look for good quality, high-grade wood. A good example would be premium grade aged oak wood. This means the wood is dried and aged in a factory to ensure that trapped moisture has been kiln-dried. If the wood is not properly dried, the moisture causes the watch winder to deform which may then crack. Additionally, it can also cause parts such as the hinge or the lid to be misaligned.

At all costs, avoid watch winders that use unreliable particle boards or untreated wood. While using cheap materials saves on manufacturing costs, it affects the durability of the product. In places where temperature and air moisture are high, especially during the summer, these materials result to "warping" or produce air bubbles in the casing.

Ensure compatibility. As a collector, make sure that the watch winder you purchase works with everything in your collection - meaning it should be able to wind almost all brands on your display shelf. The smarter choice would be the product that has all the turning modes: clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternate mode. The last one means it automatically turns clockwise and counter-clockwise in a preset program.

Look for watch winders with "turn and rest" programs to lessen over-stressing the main spring of your watches.

What you get with low-cost watch winders. Last but not least, do consider price when purchasing this product. Most of the time, lower quality watch winders would cost less because the materials used is cheaper. However, they may be cheap at purchase, but in the long-term may prove to be more costly. First of all, the parts may not last very long, and secondly, these cheap winders will over-stress your watch's moving mechanism.

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