Health Occupations Students of America

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Asch Experiment

One time in one of the competitive event in HOSA I put down the wrong answer on an exam because my partners convinced that my answer was wrong. The Asch Experiment could explain that I put down the wrong experiment because I was pressured into conforming, because I was in a group.

Zimbardo Experiment

Occasionally the counsel members will conform to their roles as superior members of the club, which sometimes leads to abusing that power.

Milgram Experiment

Some of the other members who are not part of the counsel often obey those who are. The Milgram experiment can explain that the members are obeying and conforming because the counsel members are in a position of authority


The members of the club conform to the role of a H.O.S.A. student by exemplifying professional behavior and medical skills.


H.O.S.A. members are able to assume a position of authority whether it be on the chapter or district level.


In order to effectively collaborate, the H.O.S.A group has a certain level of obedience among its members.

Fundamental Attribution Error

H.O.S.A. members, when they see that another group has failed, they tend to blame the group rather than the situation, however, when the H.O.S.A group is in the same situation, they tend to blame the situation instead of themselves.

Self-Serving Bias

Whenever the H.O.S.A group has a notable achievement, the members of the group usually tend to attribute the success to their own actions, but when the group fails, they tend to place blame on the other members.


The group as a whole tends to strive for excellence, so all of our actions are affected by the group's collaborative mentality.

Group Polarization

In our H.OS.A group discussions, we occasionally approach a scenario with a unanimous attitude, however, as the discussion progresses, the attitude tends to change based on the points and questions brought up during the discussion.

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