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How humans are impacting the environment


Pollution by humans causing issues for the environment. One issue pollution creates is acid rain. The release of pollution into the atmosphere causes it to infuse into the clouds. When it rains, the water becomes more acidic and it lands on to the soil. The soil soaks up the acid rain, the acid starts to impact the soil negatively and causes many issues with the land and it's organisms.


Pollution by humans is also cause issues for the bodies of water. When the pollution becomes acid rain, the rain can also fall into the water. This rain is dissolved into the water and lowers the pH. When this is lowered, many issues occur and all of the organisms are impacted negatively.
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The issues of how pollution impacts land and water is that they both worsen. The pollution causes acid rain, which impacts both the water and the land negatively. When the acid rain lands on the water or the soil, the impact is a decrease in health and the ability to sustain life for both. Both problems are caused by the human's pollution.

Consequences for Land

When the acid starts to impact the soil and the land, all of the life the soil was sustaining starts to die. As the amount of acid increases, the lower the health of the soil and everything living because of it. By this happening, people and animals have less food to eat because all of the organisms are dying.

Consequences for Water

When the acid impacts the water, the water's pH is lowered. By this happening, the organisms in the areas are either killed, lowered in health, or driven away. Another consequence is that the people have to use more money and technology to clean and sanitize the water in order for it to be useable once again.


These examples will impact the future of the world because all life on earth depends on water and soil. Water and soil are needed in the world to help make and develop organisms. Without these, everything would die. So if the pollution and acid rain increases, there would be a huge decrease in the amount of usable water and soil. This causes problems for everyone and everything because everyone would be debating and fighting over those necessary resources.


  1. What is lowered when acid rains impact either the land or the water?
  2. Why is it so important to protect the land and water from acid rain?
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