Hugo Chavez

The President of Venezuela

A Great President

Essential Question: Was the lasting impression of Chavez's presidency good or bad?

Chavez's life in a nut shell

As a child Chavez grew up in a decent family with some military background which he followed from the start of being a young man. He soon moved up the ranks until he had established a respected rank of lieutenant colonel. Soon after gaining this rank he was thrown in jail because he tried to use his forces to over throw the government but his attempt had failed. A few years later he was released from jail an was allowed to run in the presidential elections which he won and gained power from.

Dear Chavez,

I am writing to you to see if their is anyway I could help with your campaigning program around the time of elections. I feel that I must join the group of close supporters you have because your individual attitude and efforts that you put towards helping the main people of Venezuela has captured my heart and I would help your cause even if it meant fighting against opposition to protect our state and government.

Yours truly,

Jon B.

Chavez addresses supporters in the rain - Video - Oct. 5

Analytical Paragraph

I choose to use this short clip of Hugo Chavez because it shows exactly why he had a good presidential image. In the video you see his attitude towards the people is that of a friend, even in the rain he dosent become mad and continues to talk but then he says something with great joy and starts to dance with several men on stage. This also shows that he did not hold himself above everyone like our presidents who would be guarded the whole time for protection from their opposition.


By: Tyler Krause