Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 23

February 15-19

Weekly Plan-Culture, Communication, Collaboration


What an amazing, yet long, of busy times at Armstrong! I know parent teacher conference is very draining both physically and emotionally and I appreciate all of you so much! I hope you were able to get to 100% attendance!

Please take a minute to read the article at the bottom about Morning Meetings. It is a good time to refresh your greetings, etc. as we push through with these 14 days of school before intersession.

As a reminder, Jenni, Carrie, Holly, Lauren, Kaye Meyers, and I will be attending the Plain Talk literacy conference on Tuesday-Friday next week. Caroline Olsen from MT is our on call emergency principal. Danielle has worked her schedule to be free, but I ask your assistance in not sending students to the office for "breaks" and/or non-violent (sorry lol) ODRs. Feel free to write up disobedience, disrespect, and defiance, but I would ask that you handle those consequences with parents yourself for next week. Amber Mattly will be in charge on Tuesday afternoon as Danielle is a attending a TLC meeting at district with Jodi.

The week of February 22-25 is Iowa Assessments for all 3rd-5th graders. This is a BIG time for all of us and I am excited for our students to show how much they have grown. The three grade levels and all staff giving the tests will eat breakfast together in the Commons each morning right at 8:25 a.m. so be sure to get them out of the upstairs hallway, put their coats and backpacks in lockers, and head downstairs to eat. We will not have morning meetings in those rooms on those four days as we will be in the Commons. All testing will start by 9:00 a.m. so LEVEL ZERO in the hallways until about 10:30 each day. All SPED, MTSS, paras, etc. are busy at that time giving accommodations so please contact the office if there is an issue with a K-2 student. I will share the final plan in a separate email.

Monday February 15

President's Day- no school

Tuesday February 16

8-4 Kathy and Jessica gone all day to Kindergarten math grade level meeting

8:30 School wide assembly led by Colleen

1-4 Danielle and Jodi at TLC meeting at district

Scott is gone all day for a professional leave day for blended learning.

Wednesday February 17

Scott is gone all day for a professional leave day for blended learning.

Thursday February 18

Jessica, Adrianna, Becky, Kate, Becca, and John are gone all day to PBIS at the AEA.

Colleen will be gone all day to Media Academy at the AEA.

Friday February 19

Mindy and Erika D. will be gone all day.