Come join us on The Moon

A beautiful trip for you and your family.

Fun facts about the Moon and our hotel

The moon is a wonderful place to live. Many people ask if you can live on the moon and the answer is yes, you can live there for months at a time. The moon is actually 253 Farenheit but in our hotel the tempersture is perfect. We even have views that overlook the Moons surface, a beautiful view of gray and black rocks and sand dunes. Although the Moon does not have an atmosphere we garantee that you will stay protected while visiting. Your stay will be an unforgetable experience.


Everything here is only 5,000 dollars a night. There are no extra fees for food or anything. That is a great price. For more information just click the link below and folow me on social media. You can also just give me a call whenver too. Hope you enjoy see you on the moon.