November Dresses Update

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Quality/Fit Update

Belt Issues

Belts have been a huge topic this month in QC. I have seen a lot of complaints from customers about belts being "low quality" and falling apart with one wear, or even before the dress is just taken out of the bag. I hope we can talk with our vendors and focus on making our belts durable, cleanly constructed and a good value so we can continue to give our ModGirl the most unique looks as possible!

Fit Update- Belts

Belts have been a large concern this month in the fit department, as well. When belts come attached to dresses, several fit issues can arise:

1. Belts can be sent as one size, which inevitably does not match the size chart for one end of the size run or the other.

2. They can be too large or too small for each individual size on our size chart, or

3. The belts can be mixed together in the bags so that some dresses are not matched with the correct size belts.

Since it is too difficult and time consuming to separate the belts from the dresses and send only the belts back to the vendor, we often have to VP a dress that otherwise fits well, even if only one size of the belt fits incorrectly.

A solution for this may be reminding vendors of our size chart and acceptable belt sizing, or encouraging vendors to send more braided belts/belts that are designed with decorative holes all the way around.

Evergreen Issues

Last month we had proposed a plan to better track our Evergreen styles. We would really like to know your thoughts on this plan as if everyone approves we would like to implement this ASAP.

Each profile for the Evergreen styles will have a note stating this is an Evergreen. Once a receiver discovers they have an evergreen in front of them, they will do the following:

  1. Give all units to our VP Liaison.
  2. VP Liaison will sign style up style on the PMQ
  3. Maria will examine units to see if they are exact to what we currently have in stock. She will even go out onto the floor to make sure the colors are exactly the same. We will also check fit to avoid any issues down the road as well.
  4. If Maria has determined this style is exact she will hand it back to our VP liaison to get processed.
  5. If Maria has determined this style to differ in some way, she will reach out to the appropriate buyer to discuss her findings and determine a solution.

This would also eliminate some of our highest selling styles being put on hold while we try to determine the percentage that is on the floor of the wrong style. We would love to know your feedback on this plan! Contact us with any suggestions.

Care ModStylists Feedback

General feedback about dresses w/belts

  • Belt sizing. We have heard various complaints of certain dresses fitting, but the belt length being off. Most have been about the belt either being too small or not having enough holes.
  • Fete for Royalty Dress- Several customer's contacted us about the flower belt arriving damaged and we had to reship replacements, just as Maria mentioned. I have heard this about some other dresses that have a more fragile belt included.