Pay it Forward

Acts of Kindness

Emily Myers

Have you ever heard of the people in some places that don’t even have a home. People starve every day some kids don’t have enough money to go to school or bye clothes or shoes.Pay it forward it means to do your fair part of kindness. Sometimes it does not even have to be a person it could be an animal.

All that matters is that you have done something kind for someone or something. Once I was outside and I saw a lost dog so I got it to come in my yard. When it did I gave it some of my dogs food and then my mom and dad came outside and saw what I was doing and then we had to go all over the neighborhood to see whose dog it was. Sooner or later we found its owner.Even though I wanted to keep the dog,it still felt nice to help them. There are a lot of ways to help and make a big difference by doing so little.For example you can donate stuff to a charity and all that stuff goes to people in need. See doing something little can make a big difference in some people’s life.

Some people go to the places where there are people in need and they give them food water and stuff that they need. I am not saying to fly all the to Haiti, you just donate some old clothes,shoes or just some money to a charity. Just think if some stranger did something nice to you and then you did something nice to a stranger and then it would just go on and on and then there would be nice and helping people everywhere.

Some people just help to get money. Well, you should just do it out of the kindness of your heart because if you just do it for money, not a lot of people are going to respect you.

So pay it forward ,be kind, and do something for someone without them asking and do it out of the kindness of your heart.
Kindness (Pay it Forward)