Counseling Through Connections

Quarter 3

Spring is in the air

Quarter 3 has come and gone! One more 9 weeks of school. These are the days whenever we must continue to push our students to work hard and to stay focused. We still have much to cover at OMS in the classroom and testing season is here.
State Testing Dates

SC READY 6th-8th Grade

April 26 - ELA Day 1

April 27 - ELA Day 2

April 28 - Math

SC PASS 6th-8th Grade (online via iPads)

May 12 - Science 8th Grade

May 13 - Social Studies 8th Grade

May 16 - Science 6th/7th Grade

May 17 - Social Studies 6th/7th Grade

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Reducing Test Anxiety

Testing has the tendency to bring about anxiety. Did you know teachers actually experience anxiety sometimes even more than students during testing time? It can be stressful for everyone. Since the season is upon us, review over the following tips with your child to assist with reducing testing anxiety. We realize many of these tips are familiar, and maybe nothing new to you. However, it is important to practice and review each year.

- Please make sure your child receives a good night's rest the night before and eats a healthy breakfast.

- Have a positive attitude before and during the test. Our minds are powerful. Students need to keep a positive mindset especially if they run into some difficult questions.

- Breathe and relax. Taking in deep breaths once you feel your body anxious allows your brain to receive more oxygen. In turn, this will allow you to think more clearly, slowing down the heart rate to help lessen anxiety.

- Take your time. Remember, our state tests are not timed. Do not rush. Do not worry about how fast others are finishing. Only be concerned with your progress.

- Don't panic! If your mind goes blank, just skip that question and move on to the next one.

- Expect some anxiety! That is an indicator you want to do well.


For more information about these tests, please visit the links below.

Classroom News

6th Grade - Hopkins

Mrs. Hopkins wrapped up her individual minute meetings with sixth graders third quarter. She discussed possible career interests and worked on communication skills with her students.

7th Grade - Meek

Mrs. Meek introduced the 16 career clusters to the 7th graders. A career cluster is a way to organize/classify various careers. Mrs. Meek explained that many of the electives offered at the high school could be classified into the 16 career clusters. For example, Culinary Arts is an elective class at CHS and would be in the Hospitality and Tourism cluster. Automotive Technology is another elective offered at CHS and would be classified in the Transportation cluster. To learn more about the 16 career clusters, please click on the link below.

Mrs. Meek will be discussing Career Clusters and talking to the students about their high school electives more next year. All of these discussions take place in order to prepare our 7th graders for their IGP's next year. IGP stands for Individual Graduation Plan. Beginning in the 8th grade and continuing through 12th grade, students will have an IGP conference each year. This conference is to ensure students are career and college ready.

During Mrs. Meek's visit, students also took a survey using our Naviance Career and College Readiness online program. This survey asked questions about their interests. After answering the questions, students received their top three Career Clusters based off their responses. Students were able to research related careers within their top three clusters. We will use these results when conducting our IGP conferences next year. Be sure to ask your child about the Naviance curriculum that is web-based.

8th Grade - Reid

Mrs. Reid conducted a lesson on IGP Day and on the Clover High School course planning guide. She gave students a calendar with important dates regarding various events for 8th graders in the upcoming months. Student will received a copy of the CHS course planning guide on Friday, April 8. Parents will be notified by Mrs. Reid regarding the guide. A copy will be placed on the school's website and on Canvas. Don't forget IGP Day is Saturday, April 23! Please contact Mrs. Reid if you have questions about this event.
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Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as our Quarter 3 High Flying EAGLE award winners. These students received pizza and a drink on Friday, April 8 during lunch. Way to go students!!!

6th Grade:

Chavis, Sami

Glover, Ashton

Howell, Krista

Lingenfelter, Kylie

Milbry, Seth

Morey, Cayden

Myers, Max Carson

Parson, Roderick

Quinn, Garrett

Raibstein, David

Scoggins, Charles “Trip”

Shearer, David

7th Grade:

Barvinek, Anna

Brothers, Tyler

Drinkwalter, Savannah

Engel, Alyssa

Gilbert, Kylie

Haciali, Sude

Hayes, Addie

Isaac, Jeah

Locklear, Morgan

Maturo, Alexa

McBee, Kaitlyn

Seymour, Ashtyn

Tran, Khoa

Vare, Maddy

Wolf, Samantha

8th Grade:

Bell, Haley

Bowen, Jerry

Camilleri, Abigail

Darling, Kiara

Elmore, Emma

Few, Emma

Humphries, Kylie

Lerner, Matthew

Long, Aimee

MacNeil, Payton

Marsilio, Nico

Nishimuta, Nathan

Parnell, Kennedy

Schultz, Ryah

Thompson, McKenzie

Wartluft, Kaylee

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

One of our counselors recently attended a conference on suicide prevention. Please see the link below for more information about this topic. It is very important for us all to be aware of warning signs and risk factors.

OMS School Counselors

Mrs. Hopkins - 6th Grade
Mrs. Meek - 7th Grade
Mrs. Reid - 8th Grade