2nd Hand News


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May and June were very busy in 2nd grade. We had wonderful experiences with Grandparents Day, school plays, lepidopterist reports, gardening, the Farm field trip, saying farewell to our Big Friends, Track & Field Day, the Daily Dread-it, accomplishing the Big List, and rounding out the year with reading, writing, and 'rithmetic.

Thank you so much to Sam's family for a wonderful class picnic in a beautiful setting. It was nice to celebrate the year together in a friendly atmosphere and with cooperative weather. It is especially hard for me to say goodbye to this group, who were "my kids" for a little while. Each child is a true individual and I appreciated getting to know them, watching them grow, and working with each family. Your support this year has made a difference and the whole LS team is grateful. I hope to get visits "down the stairs" next year!

Special thanks go to Alexis & Joe for being our class parents and dealing with the nuts, bolts, details, and facts for the whole group. It is appreciated!

I am including a picture of the beautiful planter at my summer spot that I know I will enjoy for years to come. I thank you for the thought and well wishes that went into it, as well as the muscle that moved it around! I wonder how many gallons it holds (cue the sighs from the kids!).

Enjoy a relaxing and healthy summer with our kids!


Mrs. Nyce

P.S. Oxford Comma YES

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