Construction Workers Needed!

Let's look at a real world math problem!

Local Residents Need Your Help Building a Fence.

Sarah and Joey need help in developing a new tree house. The county regulations where they live require that a fence is built around it for safety purposes. They would like some local residents to build a fence for them so that they can open up the tree house for public use. They are okay with either a square or rectangular shaped fence. With your group you will need to answer some questions regarding this real world math problem.

Discuss how we can begin to solve this problem! What is the information do we still need to complete this task?

Let's Think About This!

Discuss the following questions with your group members:

What is perimeter and area?

What information will we need in order to find out how much fencing is needed?

What tools can we use to find out how much fencing is needed?


Joey and Sarah's Tree House Construction

If you build it they will come! We love math and using it in our designs!