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A Note from Ms. Salazar

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday! The kiddos jumped right back into the routine this past week. We started our second bend in Information Writing, began learning about multiplication and division, started some cursive writing, and began prepping for Student Led Conferences.

Important Dates

12/9: Report Cards available on Genesis at 3:30

12/10: Afternoon Conferences, 1230 PM Dismissal For Students

12/11: Evening Conferences, Regular School Day for Students

12/12: Morning Conferences, No School For Students

12/15: Evening Conferences, 1230 PM Dismissal For Students

12/15: IEP Progress Reports Available in Genesis, 5 PM

12/17: School Store, 1150-1240

12/19: Battle of The Books Permission Slip Due (Grades 3-5, Optional)

12/19 Appreciating Differences Day-See Information Below

12/23 1230 PM-1/4 Winter Break

Reading Workshop-SLAM Responses

In addition to our weekly skill and strategy, students have begun extended written response to their reading. We use the SLAM format:

  • State the question in the answer
  • Locate evidence in the text to support your answer
  • Add an idea or more evidence
  • Make a meaningful conclusion

Ask your child to share this strategy with you!

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Writing Workshop-Info Writing Bend 1

Our Experts have been working hard on their informational books. Our first bend really focused on the organization of their books. Writers used different strategies to come up with subtopics, then came up with a logical sequence for their chapters. After that, students planned each of their chapters by listing the important facts and details that they would include in each chapter. We discussed how, like chapters, the information presented in each chapter also needs to follow a logical sequence. Students began drafting their chapters and we wrapped up the first bend by using a checklist to take stock and set goals. Students used the Grade 3 Informational Writing rubric to self assess their writing thus far, and to look forward to our next bend.
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Writing Workshop-Bend 2

Bend 2 began by further studying our Mentor Text to find elaboration strategies. Students have begun to revise their chapters, making sure to balance facts, ideas, and explanations. We have learned that authors elaborate in a variety of ways, and students are trying out all different strategies. Ask your child to share some elaboration strategies with you!

Words Of The Month

Our November Community Meeting highlighted the student from each grade level that best exemplified our Word of The Month: Respect. Congrats to our Lilly for receiving the award!

December's Word Of The Month is Perseverance. We read a story about a porcupine who did not give up until she came up with a solution for her balloon at graduation problem. Since beginning our discussion on perseverance and determination, students have realized that many books have characters who persevere through obstacles to accomplish tasks.


We are wrapping up our study of Landforms by identifying examples of landforms in the USA. Partners used the iPads to research the different landforms. They were looking for the landform's name and location within the USA. We'll use this information to create a USA Landforms Map.

Barnes & Noble Drink Poster

This past weekend you may have noticed a poster contest at the Barnes & Noble fundraiser. Each class created a poster for the contest. Students had to work cooperatively to create a poster.
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After wrapping up our unit on Area & Perimeter, 3S's Mathletes have begun to study multiplication and division as the inverse operations that use equal groups. Through investigation, they understood multiplication as repeated addition and division as repeated subtraction. They also noticed that both addition and subtraction can be modeled using arrays. Next week we will begin to discuss multiplication and division fact families and hone in of patterns within multiplication (to help us master our facts!)
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The Interrupting Chicken

Mrs. O'Connor used one of my all time favorite books, The Interrupting Chicken, to begin a discussion on "bumping words". Students thought about how interrupting, or bumping words, can affect another person. They also discussed the different faces of bumping words. For instance, a waving hand can really affect a student who is trying to share an idea. We have been using nonverbal cues to remind ourselves to not bump words!
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Franklin Institute Assembly

The Franklin Institute shared an incredibly fun and informative assembly with EH students last week! Students learned all about the human body with the help of Ben, a hat donning skeleton. Kieran, from 3S, was chosen to help show how low air pressure and high air pressure interact. Students also saw how lungs look when they inhale and exhale and got an introduction to brain synapses! The Franklin Institute's presentation was awesome and the kids had a blast learning about the human body!
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Student Led Conference Prep

Students have been reflecting on their progress as third graders and preparing evidence to share with YOU at their Student Led Conferences.


The kiddos have a new favorite game: Tens! In this game, we go around the circle naming 1-3 numbers, until we get to 10. The person who names "10" sits and we continue until we have a winner. Last week, Señorita Devine came in and we played tens in SPANISH!

We also play the game counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Soon, we will begin counting by 3s and 4s. Skip counting will help students as they master their multiplication facts and they absolutely LOVE playing this game. Even Mr. Bissinger joined in on the fun!

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Wee Deliver!

Wee Deliver

Tens in Spanish & Franklin Institute Assembly