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3D Printing Technology,regarding as The Third Industrial Revolution,is applied to the area of culture creativity,restoration of historical relics,biological medical treatment and industrial design.

3D printer turns the extraordinary designing idea into 3d actual stuffs,meanwhile the decrease of manufacturing cost speeds up the designing process for small amount of manufacture and customization.

3D Printer Materials

Turn your imagination in real using 3D printer, Buy 3D printing materials, ABS or PLA filament at very affordable price.

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This is MBot3D Printer team,which belongs to Magicfirm, LLC,has started 3D Printing business since 2009.

Magicfirm is located in Hangzhou(China), a beautiful city.

MBot3D is committed to make high quality, affordable Desktop 3d printer for everyone.

MBot 3D Printer is based on open source and we have started to manufacture 3d printers since 2011.