by seth thurman


football is a contact sport. you can get hurt but you also have pads on so it does not hurt as bad. the ball is round so it is easier to throw. the pads are plastic. you also have hard helmat.


in basketball you have no pads. but its safer because you don't get hit. most people like basketball more then football. I like football better but I also like basketball too. the ball is easy to handle and the tricks you can do in basketball are awesome. but it takes time before you can do the tricks because it takes practice.


baseball is easy and hard. one thing I don't like about it is if you get hit by the ball it hurts a lot. I got hit the face with one. but that's when you are up to bat. when you are not batting it is easier to play and have fun because you don't get hit by the ball. and if you are the pitcher it is even more fun. the best part is the team uniforms they are cool and nice. p.s. don't destroy the uniforms.