Acclerated Reader

What teachers need to know! Updated February 2017

Deadline to Meet AR Goals 3rd 9 Weeks is March 3

Learning Goals

Teachers will know why to and how to set goals for students using Accelerated Reader.
Teachers will know how to implement AR best practices including:
  • Setting Goals - including ESE
  • Testing Parameters
  • Conferencing
  • Read Aloud Testing
  • Printable Resources for Management

Accelerated Reader-School Policy 2016-2017

Accelerated Reader is a researched based reading program that has been proven to increase reading comprehension and reading level. Palencia Elementary has invested funding into AR based on teacher input and feedback. The expectation is for every teacher in grades 1-5 to participate in the program and follow the guidelines below to ensure student growth and fidelity of the program. A committee of teachers have come together to renew the policy developed last year and it is presented below. If you need help setting up your goals please see a team member listed below.

Team members: Shannon Ayrish, Lisa Degutis, Martha Devane, Jennifer Ledford, Dawn Caronna, Laura Simpson, Stephanie Bozard, and Sarah Edwards

Grade 1 - Teachers do not have to participate until quarter 2 but may begin in quarter 1 if they choose. Teachers in grade 1 can have the students take tests on books that are read to them for their goal until the student is able to read independently with success.

Grade 1-5 - Students will take the STAR test to determine the ZPD reading range. Teachers will use the ZPD to set the AR testing range and can extend the testing range on either side of the ZPD using teacher discretion. Teachers must enter the testing range into the program within two weeks of STAR testing. In addition, to ensure that students are testing within the appropriate level, teachers should set their testing levels under Preferences each time a testing range is changed.

The goal includes earning 100% of the points, averaging 85% correct or higher on all tests, and having the appropriate average book level. Point goals should be determined using the chart found in the AR program using the number of minutes of independent reading expected at the grade level. This is independent reading NOT when we are reading TO the students (If it is a class book that is read aloud, the teacher should raise the goal(s) the number of points the book is worth.).

Students may NOT use their books when taking the test. They MAY use sticky notes they have written on while reading the book. This is a good strategy to teach students, especially if they are reading non-fiction or a book at the top of their reading range.

There will be quarterly prizes or celebrations for students who have met all of the goals (points, average percent correct, and average book level).

ESE students- ESE students with an IEP which includes a reading goal can have the following accommodations:

  • The average percent correct can be met at 80% (rather than 85%). The teacher can use discretion in lowering the book level to help students improve the percent correct.
  • Students that have the accommodation of having items read to them, can have the questions of the AR quiz read to them. This means the quiz questions and answer choices, NOT the book itself.

Implementation Guide

This is the best guide for getting started. Use the following link and login to AR.

Goal Setting

Each section with an arrow needs to be updated within the goals.
  • select the marking period
  • change the test date under GE Test Date each time there are new STAR results. The goals will not be accurate if the test is not updated.
  • Add points for Read Alouds, except first grade.
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Renaissance-U – Set a Point Goal

Setting Test Limits

By limiting the range students can test within, you can avoid those situations where students test too high and fail their tests or test to low just to earn points. Before you begin, print out the student reading ranges and have the class list available to reference.

  1. Within Accelerated Reader go to Preferences.
  2. Then go to Book Level at the bottom.
  3. At this screen select your class and hit Apply.
  4. Move the sliders to the range students should be testing.
  5. Finally click Save Changes.
  6. You can enter the admin password if you want to allow a student to test out of their range (like an SSYRA book).

Getting Results with Accelerated Reader

This is a link to a large PDF that will answer most questions you might have about AR. It includes many resources to help you and your students utilize AR to the fullest.
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Home Connect: Parents and Students Check Their Progress

One of the best ways to get students motivated to read and participate in AR is to use Home Connect. Home connect will answer the following questions for parents.
  • What books are they reading?
  • What is the Average Percent Correct?
  • What are the total points earned?
  • What is the Average Book Level (ATOS)?
Parents can also sign up to be emailed each time their student takes a quiz.

More Information

If you need printable resources, step by step guides or videos for students, they are available by logging into AR. Once in the software go to Resources.

Bingo for Bookworms March 8

Breakfast with Champion Readers

Students who meet their AR Goals will be invited to our Breakfast with Champion Readers event which will be held each morning January 9-13, 2016 from 8:25-8:45 during the morning news. Students will be awarded Reading Medals and enjoy donuts and juice. The top 3 students based on Comprehension, Points, and Reading Level in each grade level will be on the news.

Accelerated Reader School Policy 15-16

Last Year's AR Policy (Web view)