Horse Treadmill

By: Joel Stubbs

Eliakim Briggs was the creator and inventor of the first horse treadmill on July 12, 1834 in Covington NY.

Eliakim Briggs developed these ideas for the Horse treadmill because these treadmills provide every day domestic operation. The horse treadmill could power small and light machines and produce things such as butter, churns, grind stone, fanning mills, and cream separators.

Pictures of Horse Treadmill

The Horse Treadmill provided the power and energy from the Horses to be able to operate light machinery. The power was called buckwalter power.
The Horse treadmill was used because it was an easier source of power and it was an all day source because once a horse got tired or worn down they could switch it with another one. This device was used because not only does it generate buckwalter power but it also does the simple things that humans didn't have to waste their time on. The Horse treadmill was used instead of other things because horses can produce a lot of energy that can be useful. such as operating light machinery.