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The Municipal Government of Richmond Hill

Municipal Government

The municipal government of Richmond Hill deals with many areas such as snow removal, waste management, community centers, and many more. I chose to talk about 3 issues that I think needs some more work. I chose roads maintenance, wildlife protection, and childcare. These are the areas that I, and people I know have many concerns.

Roads Maintenance

Roads maintenance is a huge problem especially during and after winter. The roads get very damaged by the winter and the biggest problem is potholes. Every winter we hear about cars getting damaged by roads that have been damaged by potholes. Roads don't get fixed until the damage has been done.
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Wildlife Protection

Wildlife protection is a big problem in Richmond Hill. How many times have you been driving when a bunch of Canada geese cross your path? This is obviously not their natural habitat. Much of our vegetation is being torn down for construction. We need to protect these habitats so our wildlife have places to go besides the road.
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Childcare is a big problem in Richmond Hill because of the lack of childcare centers. More unlicensed day cares are coming into affect, and these can potentially be dangerous for children. Day cares are getting smaller, and with a lot of children enrolling, there has to be many options for parents.
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For Your Information

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