Renewable Sources

Solar Energy

Solar Power advantages

some of the advantages with solar power that it can power 140,000 home when they are running at maximum power. some environmentalists say the benefits may not be clear. thousands of birds be killed when they fly passed the solar power plant. some birds think it is the ocean but its the reflection of the shine also it look like a big blue ocean. some think it is bad to put large solar plant and it affecting wild life. To overcome these problems we can't stop these problems from birds flying over the power plants billions of birds die from 800 degree heat from the suns ray but the advantage is that it produces clean energy to thousands of homes that are not ruined by gassed power plants polluting the earth. one of the benefits is that it produces clean energy. clean energy is good because other energy plant produce pollution that affect our environment thats why California used solar plant to power. their city in California's electricity come from renewable resources. renewable sources such as water wind and solar power plants. solar power plant can save a lot of money then mining for fossil fuels at plants that cause thousands of dollars. these are the advantages of solar power plants.