Friday Wrap Up

Friday, 3/18/2016

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ILP Update Window

The ILP update window closes TODAY!
Please ensure all documentation is properly completed for all ILPs.

What should you be doing?:
1. Complete ILPs : Remember that students who are brand new this quarter need an Initial ILP, whereas returning students need only an ILP Update. These are conversations on progress in content classes, educational goals, career plans, etc.

2. Document ILPs with the correct template in TVS:
  • For directions on how to complete and document an ILP please reference sharepoint.
SharePoint California Managed Schools > Teams > IS-CALA > Insight Manual > Individualized Learning Plans

If you have questions please reach out to your Lead.

Spring Break Catch Up Plans

Spring break is just about here and provides an opportunity for our students to catch up in their courses. Please reach out to your students, provide catch up plans, and encourage them to complete work over the break.

Spring Break "Away Message"

Please set your outlook "away" message for next week:

"Insight schools will be closed for Spring Break Monday, March 21st through Friday March 25th. I will return all messages on my return Monday, March 28th."

Pathways Scheduled Update

Tuesday, March 22, Pathways will be releasing a major update to the system. The update will start @ 6:15 PM and will take several hours to complete. Please do not log on to pathways during this time.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) online system!

You will be receiving an email with steps to set up/update your TOMS access. Please follow the instructions given and update your password.
You must log on and establish your new password within [30] days.

Testing Training

Please note the dates of the upcoming testing trainings, which are mandatory (if you cannot attend live, you must watch the recording):

When: Mondays

Time: 12:30 PM

Link: 15-16 Testing training room

o March 14 – Intro to CAASPP, TOMS accounts, CST testing

Link to live recording: Intro to CAASPP, TOMS accounts, CST testing

o March 28 – Proctor responsibilities, security affidavits

o April 4 – Testing walkthrough, TA interface, how-to set up a test session

o April 11 – Tech Training

o April 18 – Special Education - Testing Supports, Accommodations and Universal Tools

Q4 Course Set Up

The official green light to begin setting up your Quarter 4 courses has been given!! Some of you may have already begun setting up your quarter 4 courses. Be sure to work with your fellow teachers and collaborate, the old saying goes Work Smarter, Not Harder.

We know that the transition between quarters is always rough, so we wanted to make sure you had enough time to pace yourself with course set up in addition to your other responsibilities. Please use the attached Course Setup Checklist with our suggested timeline to ensure that all basic elements of your course are ready to go for the start of Quarter 4, and remember that detailed instructions for ALL steps can be found on the Insight NOHS Master Document (link here). Your new courses should be showing up on your NOHS homepage – please let your HLT know if there are any questions regarding your course assignments or if you do not have access.

Some SUPER IMPORTANT extra notes:

- On the checklist, you will find that you must submit a Q4 Assignment List. Your list MUST mirror the format in the example list attached to this email. If you have questions, please send yours to your HLT for approval well before the deadline.

- Good news!! Many of you have asked if you can change your live session schedule for next quarter – a new live session schedule for quarter 4 is now located on the HAT, so please sign up at your earliest convenience! If needed, please review the live session part of the Insight Manual for more information.

- For anything that you have set up in a current course that you wish to copy over to your next course, I have attached a job aid on using the LOR (Learning Object Repository)

SBAC Boot Camp

  • As a reminder, you will ONLY run boot camp on your assigned date, as ALL 11th graders have been invited to the same session each week. See the email sent out earlier for the schedule.

If you are not running boot camp, remember to use the normal homeroom time slot (10-11am) to reach out to your homeroom students. It is extremely important that you know what’s going on with them, if they are struggling in their classes, if they are having technical issues, etc. Let’s use this time each week to make those personal connections! When you document these calls/texts in PW, remember to select “Homeroom” from the drop-down Subject menu in the Contact Manager.

Boot Camp Dates:

SBAC: February 22nd - April 18th

CST: April 4th - April 18th

NOHS Tips and Tricks

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CC Visits

In the coming weeks, HLTs will be dropping into live sessions for some casual observation. Please don't feel stressed or anxious - we just want to see the awesome things you're all doing!

Q3 Work Records

The work Record roster is now posted in SP. If there is a student missing from the roster and you need to do a work record on them, simply add them to your list.

Remember if you are part of the virtual work record pilot program to refer to those directions on uploading into Pathways. If you need those again, please let your HLT know.

Physical Fitness Testing (PFT)

If you have new students this cohort, or have been unable to assign existing students, please remember to check today for new sites and continue making assignments.

Don't forget to collect Release of Liability forms (these were sent in the initial kmail attachments, but can be downloaded from MARVIN under each site as well). If you have received one from a student, please check the box next to student for the ROL in MARVIN, and hold onto the form. Let your HLT know if you have any questions!

Testing Window and RTO DATES

The testing window for this school year will be April 27th -May 31st. Based on these dates, the following documents the updated time off restrictions for the remainder of the year.

End of Quarter:
No consecutive days off April 13th – April 20th


No consecutive days off week prior to testing window open
No days off weeks of testing (April 27th-May 31st )
No consecutive days off week following testing window close

End of Year:
No consecutive days off June 17th – June 24th

Positivity/Suggestion Hats

Just a reminder that you can continue to contribute to the "Positivity Hat" and the "Suggestion Hat" by following the links on Symbaloo:
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Due Dates and Reminders

March 1-18: Q3 ILP Update Window

March 17th: LP-7 Ends (3/18-4/21)

March: 21-25: Spring Break

March 31st: Teacher Calendars Due

April 14th: End of Q3

April 15th: Q4- start

April 18th: Q3 Gradebooks Due

April 21st: LP-8 Ends

April 22nd: Q3 Work Records Due to HLT

April 29th: Teacher Calendars Due

May 9- 27: Q4 ILP Update Window

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