Tree kangaroo

Poaching of tree kangaroo

There are fewer and fewer tree kangaroos each year in the mountains of papua New Guinea. this is due to the amount of logging, mining, and oil drilling that is happening in the rainforest for new resources. also because of hunters what there red and orange fur.


The main victim of this situation is that is the tree kangaroo there are about 1,400 tree kangaroos that live in the wild till this day but lowing in numbers. The perpetrators are 2 main people the mining, logging, and oiling industries and the tribes people that see the kangaroo as food and have been eating them for century's.

Tree kangaroos are protected by the Conservation program based in seattle park zoo

What are they trying to do to stop hunting for tree kangaroos

they are education programs for the Indigenous tribes around papua New guinea to try to stop see the tree kangaroos as food. half of papua New guinea population still live in traditional tribes and the conservation program is try to have them not kill the tree kangaroo.

My opinion

I think its a great thing how many fundraisers and programs are happing till this day to save the rare tree kangaroo because its in the endangered list and is important for people to save these magestic creatures.

Themes of geography

Region- Australia

Place- Papua New Guinea

location- mountains of New Guinea

HIE- Conservation programs for the tree kangaroos

Movement- walking to tribe to tribe and boats to move to island to island

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