Lets Explore


  • Finding resources for 2nd grade with Chromebooks
  • Sharing ideas and creating ideas
  • Discovering new paths for using your Chromebooks

Resources for you

How to Create QR Codes for your Students

QR Stuff Website How To


  • Install or have the ScanQR installed on all the machines.
  • The students have your paper QR codes. They press the Extension in the top right corner and hold the QR code up to the camera.
  • It scans and "Voila!" They are there.

More apps/extensions to discuss.

Want your apps near your Extensions?

There is an Extension for that!

BeeLine Reader

Alters the color of the text for easier tracking.

Other Apps and Extensions of note...

Turn off the lights. Great for viewing videos.

Grammarly. Helps with Grammar mistakes and spelling.

One Click Timer. Who doesn't need a timer? It can even run in the background.

Apps Launcher. Brings your apps to the Extension area.

Task Timer. A timer of timers. It runs timers for any task you need.

And Yes, Google Classroom. There are different ways of looking at Classroom. Second graders do not need to use it like the older grades, but they can start using it...

Time to explore.

AND if you want even more--- check out this website. Shake up Learning is a GREAT resource.

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