Environmental Efforts

How We Have Incorporated The Environment In Our School

· The materials we will use for the building will be a sturdy material and with the support of a cover material that won’t affect the main material but act as a support for it instead, and these will all part of LEED certification.

· These materials will keep insulation from leaving the building.

· There will be constant maintenance on pipes so nothing goes wrong while also making sure cooling and heating doesn’t go out of control.

Green Building Council, U. (n.d.). LEED Certification. Retrieved January 20, 2016, from http://www.usgbc.org/certification

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Snippet from the actual LEED rubric for a new building to become LEED certified.

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There are 4 tiers of LEED certification.

· We will have to clear out all the trees in the area or in a certain radius but we will be able to use that in the creation of the school.

· Genetically engineered plants could be used to minimize the allergens.

· There will be adjustable wall gardens throughout our school.

· Garden Courtyards in our school.

· The adjustable walls allow natural light into the school and plants throughout.

· A problem with the plants in our school is that they can grow into the building structure; the key to fix these problems though is placement.

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