sleeping freshman never lie

Scott Hudson by Riley Colton


"i lost my wrists," Tom said offhandedly

"i lost my ribs," Tom said decidedly

He's brilliant because he knows a lot and can come up with a lot of things.

So i picked a tom swifty because he comes up with a lot of them.

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"You sure know how to treat a girl," she said

he's charming because he gave Lee a rose when he took her to the dance
I picked a rose because Scott gave Lee a rose to charm her

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"I finished to kill a mocking bird. It was awesome."

"book reviews. with your wit, i suspect you'd be good." books reviews? when he mentioned that, these fantasies flashed through my mind. It was like someone pointed out a road i'd never noticed. I could see myself doing it.

He is passionate about books and loves to read so that's why I picked books

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"did anyone in our family go to college?" i asked. Mom frowned, as if trying to identify a stranger in a photograph, then said, "not that i know of. Your aunt Doreen went to business school for a year. That's sort of like college." "What about on Dad's side?" "His people have always been good with their hands." She trimmed another piece of chicken , then said, "why?" "No reason. Just wondering."

He's educated because he wants to go to college to be the first Hudson to go to college. so that's why i picked a cap and diploma

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"So who do you like dancing with better?" Lee asked, resting her head against my shoulder. "That's not the sort of question I'd expect from you, " I said. "People change," she said. "Yeah. Everything changes. Flux is all around us." Who did I like dancing with better? I held her a bit closer. "No contest, Lee."

He held Lee and loved her even though she was considered weird by Scott at first, but now he likes her so he's loving. I picked a heart because hearts are the symbols for love.

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the symbol i picked for Scott is books because he loves to read:) It also embodies him because he is very smart and has wit.
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i think Scott's dreams are going to be to stay with his best friends Wesley and Lee. I think he's going to graduate high school and go to college, but when he's still in high school i think he's going to help a lot with his little brother, Sean.