Mysterious Powder

Lab Report


-PR: we took the PR test because we wanted to see if it was an acid or a base\ it's a base it turned a pinkish reddish color.

PH: to see the exact PH of the mysterious powder\ the exact PH is eight.

iodine: to see if the mysterious powder has any starch in it\the test was positive it turned a blueish-blackish color.

vinegar: we used vinegar to see if it has any chemical reactions\ it does it fizzed for 16 seconds and then it turned very cold.

test photos


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my group thinks the mysterious powder consists of the following three powders: orange green and yellow. we think that because orange fizzed and it has the closed PH to the mysterious powder. we think its yellow because it turned the same color with PT and it has a simular PH of 6. we think its green because it turned black when iodine was added and it was the only one to have a positive starch test out of the 6 powders.

Learning Message

i learned that you can use iodine to test for starch, i also learned that PR and PT can test for bases and acids i learned about that school with the powder on the playground.