Andrés de Vandelvira


The life of Andrés de Vandelvira

Andrés de Vandelvira was born in the province of Albacete most likely in the year 1505, but there is no document that specifies the exact date. Andrés spent most of his life in the province of Jaén; mostly in the cities of Ubeda and Cuenca. Vandelvira began working in Jaén between 1523 and 1529, gaining his training as a stonemason. After he was married he started to appear in documents from 1529. He worked in a group. The master stonemason was Francisco de Luna, his father-in-law.

Andrés' Work

My favorite work of Andrés' is The Jaén: Cathedral: Int.: dome and vaulting. It was built in Spain during the 1540's. The building is located in Jaén, Spain. I find this piece interesting because of all the little arches everywhere and the patterns engraved it them. This is an example of humanism because of the perfect arches and the dome in the center.


Title : Jaén: Cathedral: Int.: dome and vaulting
Date : begun 1540
ARTstor : ARTSTOR_103_41822000039501

Title : Jaén: Cathedral: Ext.: lantern in north tower
Date : begun 1540
ARTstor : ARTSTOR_103_41822000039485

Title : Jaén: Cathedral: Int.: down North aisle
Date : begun 1540
ARTstor : ARTSTOR_103_41822000039493


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