Vietnam War

Extreme Controversy: By Mikayla Curry Period 7

How It Began

The Vietnam War began because of the rapid spread of Communism in Asia. Northern Vietnam invaded South Vietnam who wished to keep a democracy, but the Northern part had more resources to fight. America, fearful of the spreading of Communism sided and aided the Southern Vietnamese army.

How Half of the U.S Viewed the War

The United States was fearful of the spread of Communism so when more countries around the Soviet Union were falling to Communism, we decided to go with a form of containment so that we would not be directly affected by Communism. The Vietcong used gorilla tactics which lead to a very bloody and terrifying war for the American people. Although, this only pushed some Americans to want to fight more thinking that it would eventually affect them living in a Communist country.

How the Other Half Viewed the War

The other half of America decided that we didn't need to be in the war since it was not ours to fight. We did not actually have any role in the war other than supporting the South's troops. We were worried about our troops getting hurt, now seeing gorilla tactics. This half of the population wanted peace in Vietnam and thought that we weren't helping at all.
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Media Bias

In the beginning of the war, the majority of America supported it, but once we had been in the war for so long, they decided that it was too much. When the war was over, the country rejoiced and celebrated.

Historical Criticism

Looking at how America was terrified on how Communism was spreading and we were entering in wars very frequently or were having disputes with countries. It was no surprised that America jumped when we saw that Communism was spreading.

Cultural Criticism

During this time, this is when "Peace is Love" sayings came around. Hippies and Woodstock were a part of the culture and influenced the American people.