Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 13 Monday 17th - Friday 21st November

Dates for the Diary

Exit point Picnic - Thursday 20th November @ 12:20pm

UES Sports Day - 25th November

Xmas Fair - 29th November

Next week's Virtue of the Week is

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Language Arts

This week the children have been preparing to write an explanation of their choice. Before actually beginning to plan their draft, we have focused on writing complex sentences, use of connectives and organising paragraphs.

Complex sentences link two or more ideas together in one sentence. We have looked at a variety of examples before constructing some of our own. We used a variety of stimului, including the example below, to create our complex sentences. Incorporating connectives, we have begun drafting sentences that we will use in our explanation piece to be written next week.


The Grade 5 children are working together cooperatively in class to explore more about the topic, Triangles. They worked together to find the corresponding height of a given base in the triangle. They discussed how to apply the formula of finding the area of a square/rectangle and triangle to a complex question which requires them to find a shaded region. The children were really engaged in the activities. You could hear them explaining the various methods to one another. Next week, the children will continue to work on this topic; Area of a Triangle.

Area of a Triangle Game

Solve the questions to play baseball!


It has been a busy week in the SJIIES Science Lab this week as we tried our hand at becoming master bakers. We began our week recapping on the states of matter and how they can change from one to another.

We learnt how some changes in materials are physical and some are chemical. We also discussed how some changes are reversible and some are irreversible. We discussed our recent science experiments and thought about the different changes we had made.

We then made our bread following a basic recipe, we stopped after each step and discussed what we thought was happening to the particles. Were they just mixed or were they reacting? Could we reverse the step?

It was a busy time in the kitchen and we learnt the importance of following instructions and be clean and efficient. We will be back in the kitchen again next week to make our own designs.

We then took our bread to show Grade 1 as they are currently learning about food and healthy eating. We shared our knowledge together and sampled our delicious bread.



The importance of Bread project. Research how bread plays a significant part in different cultures and religions. You may choose which medium you wish to present your findings. Eg. poster, report, presentation or video.

Due in on Thursday 20th November.

Language Arts

Writing - Complete sheet on reordering an explanation text.

Submission Date - Monday, 24th November

Spelling - Complete sheet on prefixes

Submission Date - Friday, 21st November


Children will have a task set by their Maths teachers.

Monday's submission date - Wednesday 19th November

Wednesday's submission date - Friday 21st November