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Judy's Problems

Judy does not feel the amount of love she wants from her father. He use to give her hugs and kisses and now he says that she is too old for that kind of stuff. She still yearns for the hugs and kisses and tries to communicate that to her father who will not listen to her. She put dark red lipstick on because it makes her feel better, even though her father does not like when she wears makeup. Because of the lack of love that Judy feels in her home, she tries to get love in all the wrong places. She hangs out with a badass boy called Buz, who is her boyfriend until he dies during a dangerous competition. That night Judy started hanging out with another boy; Jim Stark. She wanted to feel loved so badly that her boyfriend can die and within hours she has a new guy in her life that she loves.

Judy's Change Throughout The Movie

Judy did change throughout the movie. In the beginning, she thought that not receiving hugs and kisses from her father was one of the worst things that could happen to someone because everyone wants to feel loved. As the movie continues, Judy realizes that she receives a lot more love from her parents than Plato does from anyone. Plato is the one who has nobody and just wants to belong to someone. I think that Judy realizes by the end of the movie that her parents really do love her and that she shouldn't take that for granite because it could be a lot worse than just having it be that her dad will not give her kisses anymore.

The Chickie Run

Who is superior?
The Chicken Game


The theme of the movie was to portray three very different ways that teens are trying to find their place in society. Plato is trying to find someone who he can 'lean on' and who will support him so he does different things, such as shooting puppies, to attract attention to himself so that he will be noticed. Jim Stark wants his father to be strong so that Jim has someone to rely on and get good advice from instead of always having to make decisions on his own. Judy wants to feel love from a male figure. Her father isn't giving her the love and affection through kisses, like she really wants, so usually she runs off at night and hangs with the wrong crowd so that she can get that 'love' feeling from one of the guys in the group.


The knife fight represents the fact that those teens wanted to feel powerful but were not willing to kill another person even if they said they were going to. The two teens go around in a circle randomly sticking the knife towards the other teen quickly, but then would not be upset when they missed because they were just messing around. They wanted to feel like they had the power to do their own thing and make others listen to them through fear, but they were not willing to actually do what they were threatening to do to one another.

Rebel Without A Cause

Rebel Without A Cause Trailer

Which rebel do you relate to most & why?

I think that I relate to Plato the most. Unlike Plato, my parents are very much in my life and don't just go off on vacation randomly. The reason I feel that I am most like Plato is because I feel sort of abandoned like Plato does. My parents yell at me all the time and I just don't have that close relationship with my parents that everyone else seems to have. I don't go out killing puppies or anything bad like that because of this; I just find other things to do without my parents. I don't have a close connection with my parents just like Plato doesn't have a close connection with his parents.