Lessons Learned in Slate Valley

Celebrating our amazing educators and students, Volume 8

T.G.I.J. -- Thank God It's June!

Well, folks, we made it to June. That is definitely something to celebrate given the upheaval of the past 16 months. This district accomplished an amazing feat that was not even attempted by most school systems. Despite incredible odds, Slate Valley students were fed, taught, cared for, listened to, and celebrated -- for an entire school year, during a global pandemic. Bravo!

Slate Valley Celebrations of Learning

Senior FACS Students Make Quilts at FHUHS

Memorial Day Observation in Veteran's Park

Annex Students Prune Smokey House Bushes

FHGS 8th Grade Graduation Dance, COVID-Style

Tip Line and Parting Thoughts

This newsletter has been put together by your coaching team (Casey, Abby, Molly, Kristen) with help from many staff who have sent us photos. To join in the fun of recognizing the great work of our SU next year, please email pictures to the coaches. We look forward hearing from you!