Puerto Rico

Mya Hall


The festival called Carnival, just before Lent, is a time of colorful masks and costumes and dancing in the city of Ponce.


Jazz music is popular. The maracas are a popular instrument.


People in Puerto Rico speak Spanish.


Mofongo is the most popular dish on the Island, this is a delicious combination of plantain, fried pork and garlic.

Asopao is a hearty gumbo (soup) made with either chicken or shellfish.

Famous People

Ricky Martin is a famous singer.


The culture is like that in Spain. They like the same music, the homes look the same and the same artwork.

Most Puerto Ricans are Catholic.


Summers are hot and even the Winter is warm. Puerto Rico has a rain forest. The rainy season last from April to November. Parts of Puerto Rico get more than 169 inches of rain. Around the island are coral reefs.

Interesting Info

The national symbol is the Coqui, a tiny frog found everywhere on the island.


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