12/12/21 Naquag News!

Greetings Naquag Families,

December is always an exciting time at Naquag! Our children are progressing and definitely happy to be at school. Thank you for your collaboration with reporting Covid “close cases and quarantines. We diligently continue to monitor “close contacts” at school and follow District protocols. We’ll be practicing our “Shelter in Place” this week, staying in the classrooms and additional steps in the event of an emergency. Our stellar teachers will continue to skillfully guide our children through these safety practices.

Our community service, the “Mitten / Glove / Hat” collection is amazing! Thank you for your generous donations. We’ll be celebrating our successful collection on Friday, 12/17 with a “Slipper Day”! PLEASE WEAR REGULAR SHOES TO SCHOOL.

Have a positive, rewarding week!

“I heard a bird sing in the dark of December, a magical thing and sweet to remember.

We’re nearer to Spring than we were in September.

I heard a bird sing in the dark of December.” Oliver Herford, I Heard a Bird Sing

- Naquag’s Community Service 12/8/- 12/17: Mitten / Glove / Winter Hat Collection for those in need in Worcester County. We’ll be collecting new mittens, gloves and winter hats for the next two weeks. We’ll celebrate our successful community service project on Friday, December 17 - with a “Slipper Day”! MUST WEAR REGULAR SHOES TO SCHOOL.

Kind Reminders and Updates:

- Daily District COVID-19 Self Screenings: Thank you for your collaboration and following the District’s COVID-19 Self-Screening Protocols. Let’s keep up this good practice!

Please follow the daily “self-screening” before sending your child to school. We want everyone to stay healthy! District COVID-19 Self-Screening Protocol

If someone in your family or close acquaintances has tested positive or feeling unwell, please be responsible and considerate of others. Questions can be directed to our school nurse, Nurse Liz (Liz_Cantatore@wrsd.net) or call @ 508-886-2901. Thank you for your cooperation.

- Information From Our Central Office - Fuel Assistance: Worcester Community Action Council (WCAC Fuel Assistance Program) REFERRAL FORM for Fuel Assistance

- Masks: Parents / Guardians should provide 2 clean masks a day for their child. Please avoid gaiters (neck masks)and no masks with values.

Remember These Upcoming December Dates!

- Weeks of 12/6 - 12/17: Community Service - Mitten/Gloves/Hat Collection

- Friday, 12/17: SLIPPER DAY to celebrate a successful Mitten/Glove/Hat Collection!


- Tuesday, 12/21: First Day of Winter!

- Wednesday, 12/22: Wear Holiday Colors to School!

- Thursday, 12/23: SNOW DATE - Wear Holiday Colors to School!

- DECEMBER BREAK / No School: Friday, 12/24 - Friday, 12/31

- Back to School: Monday, January 3, 2022!