Shuranda Johnson

My Introduction

Education and Background

I have a BS in Sociology from the University of West Alabama. I currently am employed with the state of Georgia with the Dept of Family and Children Services. I have two very beautiful girls and I have been married for 9 years. I live in Metro Atlanta.


I attended several type of schools when I was younger. A portion of my childhood was spent in a city outside of Detroit. This was very urban area. The student body was made up mostly of minority children. I excelled at this school and made many friends. My family moved to my mother's hometown in Wayne County, Mississippi. We attended the same school she attended. This school was very different. We had to be bused to a neighboring community to attend school. My sister and I were the only African American children in our grade level. There were children who were nice to me and there were children who exhibited racism towards me. I was called the "N" word several times during that first year. I had to adjust to not only a new school but I had to deal with that negative aspect as well. This whole experience forced me to become an introvert. I am still very shy because of the experience I faced when moving from Michigan to Mississippi. I still was able to make good grades. It was also at this school where I met my favorite teacher, Ms. Jordan. She was an African American teacher. She encouraged me to speak up encouraged me to want to make good grades. Although my transition was difficult, I am very thankful for the move. We lived on my grandparent's farm. My neighbors were my cousins. It was a very safe environment.

Future Plans

With this degree, MS in Education with a specialization in Family and Community Services, I plan to obtain in position in a school system or a school as a community outreach or family liaison. I have experience working with families in the community and I hope to take that experience and this degree to be a link between the family, community, and the schools.