February Title I Check-In


February Tasks At a Glance

February School Level Monitoring Visits

Kindergarten Transition Activities and Resources

Community Connections with Sunrise ESL

Family Engagement Spotlight - A School Community United by a Shared Reading Experience

February School Level Monitoring Visits

Our 2nd round of School Level Monitoring Visits are coming up this month! If you need to sign-up or change your monitoring date, please use the link below.

Sign-Up Here!

Artifacts supporting Title I programs and processes that occurred after our 1st monitoring visit in the fall will be uploaded. We will also discuss Kindergarten transition needs and Parent Engagement Plans and Compacts.

Kindergarten Transition

Select the power point below to see Kindergarten Registration events, activities and resources.

If you need assistance with planning or brainstorming for Kindergarten Registration/Transition events, please let me know!

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Connecting with the Community

Sunrise ESL provides onsite parent sessions including:

  • How to communicate with teachers
  • Review of the school systems in the United States
  • How to use email
  • How to navigate the school website
  • How to support your child in school (homework help, tutoring, etc.)
  • How to understand school policies and procedures
  • How to manage communication barriers and cultural differences

If interested in learning more about Sunrise ESL or to schedule a session, please contact:

Cristina Schwaba, Owner/Instructor, at learn@sunriseesl.com

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Family Engagement Spotlight - A School Community United by a Shared Reading Experience

A.T. Allen is bringing together their school community through a shared reading experience with One School, One Book Winter WONDERland Family Reading Night. On this night, teachers shared questioning strategies with parents and revealed their "One School, One Book" book choice for every student/family to read together. Families were encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character or in their favorite winter gear.

After the One School, One Book reveal, classes gathered to read the first few chapters together as a school. Throughout the month of February, the entire school (students, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, parents) will read the book and activities will be completed in the class!

If you would like more information about this program, contact Sue or myself!

You can also receive free resources/materials by emailing:


One School, One Book Cartoon Manifesto

CCS, Title I Department

Dr. Tara Nattrass, Director

Amy Violette, Coordinator

Lynn Ellis, Support