Artist of "The Fortune Teller"


  • He was born on March 6, 1475 in Caprese, Italy.
  • He spent most of his life in Florence and Rome.

  • His education and training was that he apprenticed Dominico Ghirlandaio and he studied anatomy.

  • He was always a pious man and later in life, religion became profoundly important to him. This was somewhat the reason for his great affection for Vittiora colonna. He was melancholic and introverted. He suffered 2 illnesses that nearly killed him.

  • He made Sculptures and Paintings. For example he made “The Madonna of the Steps”, “Pieta”, “The Statue of David” and many more art pieces.
  • His first patron was patron was Lorenzo de’ Medici and he had a few more like the Popes Julius II, Leo X, Clement VII, and Paul III.
  • Michelangelo would most likely fit under Capitalism and Humanism because he was a wealthy man so capitalism would help him and make his life better and Humanism because he was a religious man and had many beliefs in God.

The Work

  • He made this famous piece named "The Fortune Teller"
  • This piece was created in 1595
  • You can find this piece today in Musei Capitolini, Rome where the first version is or in Louvre, Paris where the second version is
  • This piece was special because it was the first composition with more than one figure
  • In the piece there is a boy having his hand read by a fortune teller and the both look happy but she is secretly stealing the boys ring from his finger.
  • Humanism is most likely linked to this piece because she is choosing to steal the boys ring and its her choice.
  • I was mostly interested in this piece because of the name but when i looked at it I thought it was a very nice piece of art