Sessions Featured

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Drive-Reduction Theory: How it Affects You

"Come learn about how unpleasant tension developed from a drive will affect your work ethic, mental health, and personal life. Success comes from understanding what makes you work for it."

*Featuring A. Lincoln

Stimului and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

"How can the smell of coffee help you work harder? Find out about how sensory stimulation can allow you to unlock a new level of hard work."

*Featuring returning Psychologist Dan D. Lion

Different Types of Goals and Their Effects

"Is the only reason you want to achieve for that promotion? Or is it because of the experience you get? See how Performance Goals and Learning Goals are different and how you can use them."

*Featuring the Tunnel Snakes

Rewards: What Forms do They Take?

"When you complete a goal, you may get an external reward or simply an internal feeling. Learn what those are and where they come from."

*Featuring some guy

Emotions and Management: Hand in Hand

"Could being told what to do make you feel good? Learn how the management of your team can make you and your team feel their best."

*Recommended that teams watch this together.