BHS Parent Newsletter - April 2, 2021

Dates to Remember

April 5 - NO SCHOOL

April 9 - Board of Trustees Meeting

April 9 - End of 3rd Quarter

April 13 - FSA ELA Writing (Grade 9)

April 14 - FSA ELA Writing (Grade 10)

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Administration Announcement Banner
Hello, FSDB Families – Parent Climate Survey Announcement in Spoken English

Hello, FSDB Families!

Wanted to let you know that you will soon be receiving the paper copy for the FSDB Parent Climate Survey next Friday, April 9th. The survey should take about 15 mins to complete and we would like all surveys returned by Wednesday, April 28th. We really want to learn from you!

Thank you for partnering with us so your children can do more, be more, and achieve more! Have a wonderful long weekend!

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From the Principal

Dear FSDB Blind High School Families:

We will soon begin the fourth quarter of the school year. At this time we are planning commencement and other year-end events. FSDB is continuing to host most events and ceremonies virtually. This year, both the sports awards ceremony and our senior awards program will be streamed virtually for family and friends to view.

We will however host our graduation commencement ceremony as a live event on the FSDB campus. Please see the commencement announcement below.

I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the long week with family.

Warmest Regards,

Carol Bogue


FSDB Valedictorian & Salutatorian Announcement for the Classes of 2021

Mr. Cosgrove's Corner

Justin Cosgrove, Assistant Principal - BHS

It's a new month, and we are about to have a very busy time of year. Our state testing is underway with FSAA students plugging away. The FSA English/Language Arts (ELA) writing tests begin April 13th for the freshmen and April 14th for the sophomores. We are excited to welcome Brandy Farlow as our new science teacher. Ms. Farlow was a teacher in the Blind Middle School prior to joining us. It's always nice for our students to have a familiar person stepping in. The third quarter ends next Friday, April 9th. If you want to keep tabs, you can check your child's grades in your Skyward Parent Portals. Parents of seniors, please make sure you remind them that the last quarter is still important and they need to finish strong. There will be a lot of senior/graduation related information coming your way.

Thank you all for your continued support of the program and enjoy the 3 day holiday weekend.

Blind High School Teacher is Beaver Toyota Teacher of the Month

Math Teacher Joseph Alexander was nominated by former student Trent Ferguson and was chosen as the “Beaver Toyota Teacher of the Month” with Flagler Radio for the month of April!

Listen to his interview spot below.


Beaver Teacher Of The Month - April 2021 by LC
Senior Spotlight banner

Blind High School 2021 Commencement Ceremony

Thursday, June 3 at 11:00 a.m.

Kirk Auditorium

Each Senior Has a Limit of Two (2) Tickets for Family/Friends.

The ceremony will be live streamed on the FSDB website so that additional family members and friends can have the opportunity to join in the celebration.

Note: Physical presence in Kirk Auditorium is limited to Blind High School seniors, two (2) family members/friends, and administration/staff members who are directly involved in the ceremony.

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Piano Ensemble

Laurie Wohl, Music Teacher

The High School Period 1 Advanced Keyboard music students have been learning the difference between solo work and ensemble work. Sometimes it is much easier to just work independently, but to learn to work as a group takes a new, unfamiliar set of skills. Playing 4 different piano parts at the same time, keeping the rhythm and beat, is as difficult as putting an entire band together! It takes practice! The class has learned 2 ensemble pieces (4 pianos/6 hands) to perform for you today! Please enjoy Scherzo (counted off by Diamond) and Street Fair (counted off by Madison W).

Scherzo - Piano Ensemble
Street fair - Piano Ensemble
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Students Earn Qualifying Score Toward Bright Futures

Congratulations go out to many of our senior class members! A whopping 45% of the eligible graduating Blind Dept. seniors have earned a qualifying score on the ACT toward Bright Futures scholarship!

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program rewards high achieving students with either 100% or 75% of tuition and fees at a Florida college. Along with qualifying ACT scores, students must also meet qualifications in high school coursework, GPA, and community service hours.

For more information on the program, visit

Perfect ACT Score

A special congratulations to Thomas Rice for scoring a perfect ACT score on the Reading subtest!

High School Leaders Address 8th Grade Class

Karen Kolkedy, Mental Health Counselor

Several incredible Freshmen in the Blind High School - Addison, Marquez, and Sophia - were selected to speak to our 8th graders. They were selected for this important and wonderful opportunity because they all graduated less than a year ago and could share what high school is truly like with our 8th grade class. They are awesome role models for these rising 8th graders. Yassir is a wonderful Senior who is a fine class leader. He has a wealth of knowledge and experiences from his high school years that he shared with the 8th graders. The 8th graders have been very curious about what high school is going to be like, what to look forward to and how to be successful.

These high school students shared information on such questions as what it was like preparing for the transition from Middle School to High School. These freshmen and senior students shared their feelings about joining high school. Each student also shared experiences of what they have been most proud of since beginning high school. Achievements, interesting classes, work experiences, team sports, music opportunities, community service projects - all await our rising 8th graders. These goal-driven students talked about preparing themselves for the future. They discussed their greatest strengths, and what subject area they have enjoyed learning about.

The High School students talked about Positive Behavior Support and Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation. They reflected on how one's attitude can really impact your education and outlook on life. Finally, these high school students addressed how they will contribute back to the community and impact positive change in the world.

These rising 8th graders really are curious about transitioning to high school and hopefully this panel answered some of the 8th graders' questions and concerns.

PBS Winners

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized over the past two weeks for their efforts in demonstrating PBS (Positive Behavior Support) expectations. The teacher/staff member who recognized the student is also listed beside the nominated student:

Madison - for being a team player and demonstrating cooperation as a library community service worker. (Carriger)

Keeron - For stepping up, turning in every assignment since his return to BAM, participating fully every class and showing a huge improvement in his skills through his dedication. (Jensen)

Kaitlyn - For stepping up this quarter and turning her work in, trying her best in class, and following along with the teacher. (Jensen)

James - for independently stepping up to help classmates one-on-one with a difficult activity in Eurhythmics. (Wohl)

Giunna - for kindly and efficiently changing the network setting on all of the classroom iPads (Costello)

Jose and Eli - for assisting and trying to help diffuse a situation between classmates (Maltese)

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Opt-in to Skyward Text Messages

Want to Stay Informed? FSDB uses Skyward to send text messages about important school information and emergency alerts. It's very easy to begin receiving text messages: Text the word "Yes" to 67587 to opt in.

Braille Classes

FSDB Parent University will be offering Braille classes for FSDB families. All classes will be held via Zoom on Wednesdays from 4-5 p.m. All skill levels are welcome! Please contact your teacher if you are interested in attending.

Class Schedule

  • Apr 21 – Strong Group Signs
  • May 26 – Strong Word Signs

For more information, contact:

April Wallace, Braille Specialist

Phone: 904-827-2355

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